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Mat Workout

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A request to "explore the edges" sets the tone for this class which takes you from some standing leg work and balance (first 10 minutes) on to the Mat where you'll practice variations in choreography and tempo on intermediate level exercises. Return to balance exercises at the end of class.
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Okay, so we're good, right? All right, so the request has been made to, what was the quote? Pushed the edges. Explore. Explore the edges. Okay, so we will stand up. Stand tall. You can look right out the window. We'll just do a standing roll down. Find a place that feels solid and supported.

Let's enter into class with this thought. In order to explore the edges, you've got to move from a foundation. Okay? And we, we, we know that we have that here, but let's literally find the foundation of our body right now. Stack yourself, organize yourself, commit yourself to the ground and then let yourself rise up above it for a roll down. We inhale, arms are heavy. Exhale at your head. Go for feel the spine stretching as you go down. Unfurling just letting tension cascade out your fingertips. Take an inhale down here and on your exhale, roll back. Okay. We can be systematic about this and so we will, and then we'll leave that sort of comfort zone. Inhale, exhale to roll down.

Try not to lean back. As you know, checking yourself out here, shaking detention. Now particularly around the neck and shoulders. Inhale and exhale to roll back up. Feel the whole thing's initiate from the ground up, so it's not just your abs tightening and you're back working to get you back up. One more time, a little faster. Inhale, exhale, go down. Inhale, and exhale. Roll up here at the top. Take an inhale on your exhale. Rise up on the toes. Inhale, stretch your waist to lower down.

Exhale, rise up. As you inhale, reaching the arms forward, stretching the waist to come down. And exhale. Press like you're pressing up against the table. Tabletop. And I shouldn't make it as hard on me as it is on your end and down and alright, and now just leave the feet down. Exhale and round over. One more time. Hands to the ground. Bend your knees in here. Get kinda low, but keep the heels on the ground. Get your ribs as close to the thighs as possible. XL, straightening your legs, whether or not they go to straight, it doesn't really matter.

Just heading that direction where you bend. Inhale and exhale. Strain, just sort of waken up. Inhale, bend to XL. Straighten holding it there. Choose the right leg, Huh? How's that for a bended? Take it towards your forehead. Keeping yet both heels down and then slowly switch. Now it might be settled. Both minis may need to still be bent at this stage of the, that's okay.

We're just gonna Waken it up and switch again. Hannigan come back to the center. Knees are bent. Slide your hands up to about mid shin. So hand on each shin. Pull the shoulders down so you feel the lats engage and find a flat back. If you have to come up higher, come up higher from there.

Engage your lats a little more. Lift your head to engage your upper back even more. You might have to squeeze the glutes a little so you don't feel it in your low back. Pull the ABS in and around. Just let your hands slide up only to your knees. Then inhale, go back to flat back. So, or actually a little bit of an arch should be okay. Going into upper back extension right here. Okay.

So it's not just our heads coming up, but because the heads came up, we tap into that low back, a little ray round. Exhale, Kinda just looking for the far ends of the body. One last time, big inhale into an extension of the spine. Being mindful of the low back. It's really mildly arched but a lot through the upper back if you can and exhale round. We'll roll all the way. Oh the weight and let's warm up a little while or a pure parallel feet either on or off your mat. Hands in front. I do that mostly so that you can have something to push against. So you feel a little peck muscles, lats. So you're pushing in elbows up and I want to see chest rise a little bit.

Here we go. It's a sitting back and, and, and uh, for now I have the weight primarily in the heels. I'd say maybe mid foot, just warming up as if we were on the reformer and progress and progress of, everyone's going to be a little different on this. Don't let the heels rise. If you find yourself kind of getting stopped because of leg length, keep going. You may have to shift back a little if that'd be all right. Here we go. All together. Now let's go down for five one and lift up and press two, so lift up three, press four and hold it down five from here, shift back enough that you could lift the toes a little and then rest them good and push up a little and come back down and too, and just heating up three and four and five and think of that a little bit of extension you did a moment ago at eight and nine we'll stand all the way up.

Press the arms back and now a little hover of the heels. If you don't want to be, that's actually a little too high. Mandy. Just barely lift the heels. If that's too much work for your feet, just shift your weight forward a little and the heels can stay on the ground. Now we reach forward with the arms. Then as if you're pressing against a, I don't know what, with the upper arms, work your way back. Inhale. As you go down, exhale, press.

Finding that inner seam of the leg, finding that inner line or the midline of the body and and [inaudible] trying to work all sides of the body and get the triceps work and stretch your waist as you go down. Whoa. Just a few more here and I'm giving us three more. You can squeeze as much as you want or you can just move, but whatever you do, take the deep breaths at this kind of position allows for next time we'll go down and hold it. And then from here, take the arms to the back and now just press. So both my legs and the arms are working a little three and four, five and six. Hang on for seven. Soften the toes when you can't. Eight and nine stand all the way up. Feet go down, arms come forward. Take a deep breath up and exhale.

Let the arms come down the side. Turn your feet so they face each other. Pilati stance is not very wide at the toes. I'm actually a little too wide. Couple, three or four fingers wide. All right. It's up to you. You can either stay here with the heels down, in which case you will have to lean forward a fair amount. If you want to work the lower leg a little bit in ankles. Hover the heels.

All right, here we go. Reach down and press big. Squeeze at the top. He'll stay touching each other. Whichever position you choose and shouldn't hurt the knees. If it does minimize the knee bend instead and make it more of a hinge, that would be fine for rest. Big Squeeze, lifting tall.

Whoa. One more like that. It'll be fine for me. I think. Here we go. We're going down and now it's just just leaving the arms. Push, push. Try to relax the feet. I know that sounds weird when we're up on the toes, but that's all right. Can we do three more or should we only do two more? Three, two, all the way up on theory. Fabulous. Step the right foot forward, um, arms out. And from there we'll just lift the leg up and lift up to and down, trying to lift the leg from high in the trunk. One more time. Hold it up, bending that knee. Good idea, Deborah.

Let's externally rotate those shoulders in reach further. Take the knee to the side, bring it back to the side and bring it back. The eyes help. If you keep the gaze in one spot, it can help. It might not, but it could hold it out there to the side. Stretch the leg out. You don't have to lift it any higher and bring it back. Stretch it out, bring it back. You could do it on the floor too, right? You still have to balance back one more time.

Rebend it. Take it back to the front. Set it down in that Pilati stance. Other like forward, hands behind your head. If you want more challenge, I fully laced the fingers. I've somewhat lifted up on the head and draw down on the shoulders. Then press the head backwards into your hands and lift the leg. You could always go back to the tee with the arms.

It's a little bit more stabilizing. Not much. Next one stays up. Bend the knee. Open it to the side, bring it back. Press the back of your head into your hands. Don't forget that anchor point. Hmm. Next one's days out there. Whoa. I looked around.

That's what happened there and we will retool and bring it back. Reach out to bring it back. Three to the side a little more. If you can, Jim for one more time. Rebend it. Take it back to the front. Set it down, pick the other leg up. One more time. Same arms. Take the leg out to the side. Look the other way, just your neck and bring it back together. Do it again and bring it back. Add a little power to it. Hoo and back. Get their hold and back.

Do your best to leave your elbows in place. Over and back. One more time and back. Switching sides. If you step off the cushy Mat, no one will know already. The first side. Turn and get your head in place. Find out where you're going to end up looking every time you come and then bring it back, take it over and bring it back. Try to let your head slide in your hands over and back. Remember, you could do this with a toe on the ground to that change of perspective is almost is enough to throw the balance into a challenge. One more time. Interesting and down. All right, from there, let's come onto our mats. Have a seat for balance out of the way.

All right, let's just loosen up a little bit more through the spine and the shoulders. Reaching forward a little curve to the spine. Spine. Inhale, exhale down. It's going to go a little quicker than normal and exhale. Inhale down like you're pulling something. If you had a bar in your hand, excel resistant, pulling you back up. Imagine polling something that's nice. Helen and I think I was inhaling down, exhaling up somewhat like a pike action on the reform or I mean on the one to chair and changing it a little bit on your exhale. Come up, bring up the right leg is parallel and down.

Same leg and up to you and same like and and for to change the legs and lift devil one in hill down the knee doesn't really change too. It's the whole thigh coming up, right and [inaudible] and for let's alternate. Let's go. Ooh, reach up just a little with your arms and two. Don't let it straighten out your back too much. Three lifting four. We'll do four more there. Let's go reach one back. Reach to two to go. Love one more. This time. Go all the way down.

Draw your feet and close for a pelvic curl there. Slightly apart. Inhale. Exhale. Roll up your spine, spreading out the upper back along the way. Finally, inner seam of the leg and draw attention there without pinching the knees together, but also not letting them flare. Inhale and exhale down. Once your tailbone hits the ground, we take an inhale. We're going to bring the other end of the body up. Exhale, curl, head, neck and shoulders forward reaching. Inhale the arms up.

Exhale the arms down again. Inhale the arms up, exhale and down. Make sure the tailbones are down. It's attempting to Tuck here this time. Set the arms down and the head down. Inhale, exhale, peel the pelvis and spine. Finding some fluidity to your emotion. Inhale, exhale. We come down long physician. Inhale, here comes the head, neck and shoulders. Exhale, just curl forward doing it sequentially.

We don't want to just ever here the arms. Inhale up. Circle them around. Exhale. Inhale up around X. Inhale up around. Exhale this. Next exhale. We'll go down. Inhale and exhale everything down. Inhale, pelvic curling up, adding on, rolling up through the spine, staying here. The right leg will start it. It stays bent at the knee. Inhale, exhale. Right leg lifts. It's Kinda slow. Inhale down. Keep it bent. Exhale, two. Inhale down. Exhale. Three, put it on the ground, changing sides, and Juan, relax the toes of the foot on the floor too. That's it. Hips are level three. Put it down. Inhale, exhale, roll down.

Inhale, this time as you live, as you curl head, neck and shoulders. Bring the knees up to tabletop. Exhale, curl up, legs come up and inhale. Open. Exhale around one out of three, two and three. Inhale and set everything down. Knees are bent, knees are bent. Pelvic curl. Again, inhale, exhale. Roll it.

Finding all sides of the body, checking things out. Inhale. Exhale. The right leg goes up to the ceiling. This time it will straight. Now for four shoulder bridge kicks. Here we go. Down the one flex, come up, reach two, three, four. Come up with it. Return the leg to change sides. Stretching the left leg. Exhale, kicked down on one. Flex.

Come up to three or four. Come back up. Replace the leg. Inhale. Exhale, roll down. Inhale. Here come both legs as you curl up. Exhale. Here it is. She and it's your devil egg again. Inhale, open. Exhale, close, and two. I'll do four, three, four. Bend the knees this time. Separate the feet. Reach the arms back. Feet are down, arms are overhead. Inhale, last time. Exhale, peel the pelvis and spine it, but bring the arms through the air as you roll.

Just finding the work right leg up again, reach it up and only three of this time. Exhale, kick on. Bring it up. Kick two up. Next time. Stay up. Three, hold. No articulation. I mean your spine stays about as it is. You lower down to touch the mat one and push up. There's one lower down. Lift up two.

One more time up there, three point the toe. We're turn the leg to the starting position to change to the left side. Inhale, if you haven't, exhale kicked down one, lift it up. Two up. Three, stay up with it with the flex, but lower the hips to the mat. Down and up. Three times. Here's down and up. One down in, up to down and up. Three point the toe. Return the leg to the starting position. Inhale and down we go.

Inhale at the bottom, picking up the legs with the head, neck and shoulders. Double leg stretch and inhale. Exhale. Five, two, number three of five, four. And here's five. This time, hold the knees. Look into your belly. I'm going to get us into a gentle rocking motion. So tuck your pelvis if you haven't, and then release the pelvis so you're back to sort of neutral.

Try to do this tapping again without changing your upper body. So you tuck the pelvis, bring the hips toward the face, and then release them again. Legs don't even change that much and down they'll move, but they're not traveling much. Next time you get into the tech, stay there. Notice the angle at your elbows there, bent, hopefully a little out to the side. You feel your lats and your pecs and start a little rocking motion and exhale, exhale, nothing changes. Exhale. Exhale.

As you get bigger in the motion, think of somewhat pushing your shins upwards into the hands so that the leg and hip angle doesn't change. Let's do three more. Exhaling forward. Inhaling back. Here's two on your next one that you stay up on. Do hold it. They're great. [inaudible] right? Separate. The feet. Arms are far. Actually, they're toward the window down we go, and halfway, halfway, so it'll be the left or the leg closest to the window that lifts as you come up or just like before, and to bring the leg up proportionately to the body. In other words, you're not going to straighten the knee. You can lift the thighbone. That's it, Jim. Yeah, that's it. You can, you can grab on to, right just so you can guide the leg even one more time. I think mixed five change size and take your time. One that Shin ends up parallel and down. Five bone lifts too. High. Three lift for all. Straighten to bend the leg. Just keep it where it was and five, come down, center yourself in the middle.

Bring both legs up and it's inhale. Two. Three extending the legs. Four, five and Pullman. Two three, four, five and two. Two, three, four, five and eight. Let's support the head and three, two, three, four, five and exhale. Remember how you pressed your head into the back of the hands. Do that now or the hands and yeah, and BRS. Do three, four, five and Paul. Two. Three. You would get five and four more. Inner thigh strong and dragged. Two. Three.

Feel stable in your low back. If you start to feel motion at the low back, you take the legs higher or you use one leg and pool. Oh, I feel it. I feel a little a lot. I'm hoping this is four but I think it's only three. Andy, you think that was right and why am I still going? Darn it. And legs go down, reach the arms overhead, stretch your legs all the way out. And we start our roll up. We inhale to where your arms come to your hips and you're looking straight ahead. [inaudible] yes, you preferred yet? You were up. Well don't let me hold you back. Let's go.

Exhaling up. Sorry about that. And we'll roll back down all the way. I like to every so often go to that spot again cause I think we skip it. I think we start lifting before we've curled. So it's, it's a go forward. Shrink the waist that way.

What do you slow down. Okay, I have a request. This is not my fault. What's coming here we go really slow. Up and down is going to be an eight count roll up counting like this one too. Okay, so here we go. Eight counts. One, two, three, four. Nice. That's fine. Five, six, seven. Oh we could have done longer. Eight, eight counts. One, two, three. If you need more. Go ahead. The arms. Five six, seven 15 one, two, three, four, five, six.

Work harder here. Seven, eight. It gets easier, but don't let it. Nine 10 keep working. Keep working. Three more. One, one and there. Inhale, pull the shoulders back and work your way down with one inner thigh to feel the hips. Three keep curling. Four keep curling. Bring the pelvis with you. Six, seven, eight. Nine more inner thigh. 10 Oh, come on at 11 keep working. 12 1314 four counts up and one, two, three, four. One, two, three, touch four and one.

Two. Stay ready. Three, four and on. Nothing changed. Two counts. Here we go. One, two, no. Need to throw it. One, two, and one. Two Oh two is what? Easiest way to play with these exercises is tempo. I'm doing one more all the way to the top. Here we go.

And there we are. Scoot yourself forward for rolling like a ball, either regular, which would be close. In fact, let's just start there. Bring the heels in as close as you possibly can with the shoulder down the elbows out to the side. Here we go. Inhale, roll back. Exhale up. And again, inhale back, exhale up. If you can squeeze knees together. Do just challenges you a little differently. Oh, keep that space. Keep that space. Nice Sandy.

The breath really helps here. Don't forget to keep your tuck in the back so you don't have any sense of needing to, to um, kick the legs. How about one more time and hold for fun. Elbows on knees, heel of the hand on your forehead. Keep contact. Here we go. Inhale back. Exhale up. Keep it. Oh, she speaks what she cannot do. Here we go. And you're back. Squeeze. Avoid letting your head touch the mat. Inhale back and up. One more time. Okay, we'll work on that more. Hold on to the right leg.

Extend and roll yourself down. The left leg stands for, um, change change. And now for the first, next few, press down on the Shin. Okay. Using that outset, hands a little further down to the ankle, but press down on it to find that work underneath the armpit. Now a little faster. Pull one or two, two, three, three, four and now real slow. Just reach it out of the hole. Pull the knee in quite close, squeeze the hips a little bit.

That just means the inner thighs and a little bit of glute. Stretch the long leg longer so where you're almost like pulling on you to stretch the front of him. Change and hold. Hug it and get the stretch on that one knee. Stretch the straight leg a little more without putting too much resistance in it. Squeeze through the inner thigh hips and let's just pull ourselves a little closer towards it. Not necessarily up, but just towards that knee.

Rotate your body. So I literally took that knee and kind of almost crossed the midline of my body. Other hand behind your head. Hold that knee and close. I know we don't normally do it that way, but I want you to try it and other hand behind your head lays fingers and just pulse here for keep that your head in your hands. Three change sides.

Get their whole that you might have to grab on for a second to get yourself in position. Hold the knee almost across the middle hands. Then go behind your head so you are right. Switch back to your left. That's right and that's fine. And one out of four, two, three, four. Now we'll alternate. Let's go. Ooh, thinking of keeping that bent knee right near the midline, getting a big rotation a little quicker. Now let's go on one too precise to hit the end point. Put the exclamation point on it. A couple more here.

Reach one one left, set two back to the center. Both knees, knees bend. Extend your legs up. Head goes down. Still have your head in your hands or put it back when you can. All right, from here, Tuck to lift the tailbone off the mat. Try for like straight up and then release it again. One of our important contractions, keep it going. Lift and release.

If that just feels like too much else is going on, bend the knees, take out the hamstring issue, perhaps even the quad issue and up. And then when you can go to straight legs, curl the chin towards the chest and literally just gesture. Head comes off for at first you get a little neck stretch there you can see your elbows. The shoulders are down. Beautiful. Now from under the chest like that, like right in the heart of your sternum gets relaxes to the mat as you curl more, not higher, but curl. Yeah. Inhale, allow the legs to start to reach out on that diagonal. Exhale, pull them up. Inhale. You can almost look down into the sternum, probably not, but almost. And inhale, low back is cemented. There's our foundation and in inhale tomorrow, look at the inner thigh and one more up and now just little scissors here. That debt, debt, debt, and walk them down to three. Don't let your back change up to, I'm keeping the small too late in the game as far as this is concerned. Down to three, four and up to now.

Hold it at the top. Head down for a second, right back up. Same idea. Turn the legs out and it's cross to dad. You know where I'm going with this. I think here we go. And oh one, two, three, four. Bring them up. One, two. I don't have a real good breath pattern for you. I'm wanting to XL down, but you could change that and inhale up one more set. No, two more sets down. Two, three, four up to last.

Sit here and Duh, Duh. Got to come back up. Keep your strength. Am I doing this alone? No. Okay. Bend your knees and rest. Ha Ha right. How are we doing Deborah? Well, that's a good, we are exploring the edges. We are out of the box. I was not sure if I could do it, but I'm feeling so risky. Right? Here we go.

Rolling. I am in a pelvic curl position. Again, make sure your feet feel like they're pointed straight ahead as you roll yourself up. All right, this is not going to feel there are a little feel fantastic perhaps, but not going to look very exciting. What we're going to do, we're in our lovely slapped board position, so let's think of literally pulling the heels toward the blue so you're going to have a little bit of contract release. If you had your hands on your hamstrings, you'd know what I was working. You're trying to, or if you put your hands on your hip flexors, perhaps you'd feel a tiny bit of a stretch there. That'd be cool. Just don't let your knees splay. I've got about four or five inches between the legs and pull and pull. Now holding it at at sort of the height of the contraction where you've pulled yourself towards your heels. Check a little more if you have that of if it's possible.

And now from there you're going to focus on that right hip pressing toward the ceiling a little. So there's a subtle push, release, push, release, finding that side of the body, no, sorry, staying on one leg, push, release, push, release. And now let's go to the other side and push release. You could, right if you started alternating and that wasn't quick enough for you, you could just keep alternating press, press. Don't forget about the other side. It's still involved. It's just not adding in about two more here. Level it out. Draw yourself more toward your heels, but, but keep in mind, the shoulders have to look good. All that has to look good. Inhale, exhale. We rolled out. Hi, picking your feet up for rollovers, extending your legs. Oh so carefully.

Here we go. Inhale. Exhale over keeping that 90 degree angle around the hips. Your feet are, or your legs are horizontal. Flex them as you separate the feet. Try to involve the glute a little, not a lot. Just like it. Ha had to push against the solid. Lower the legs. If you can do it without, uh, changing your backend roll down.

[inaudible] let's focus this on the stretch cause while we're exploring the edges, someone else want to distract. So let's go up to the over. You control your way there. Reminding ourselves it's not just abs. Flex your feet. Before you do anything else, push through the heels. You can't only look at your feet here. I don't want you to. But can you feel the ankle bones together as best you can?

Can you feel the big toe joints together and then separate the feet if it's available. Lower the legs here and now in quest of a stretch as you roll down and bring the thigh bones as close to the ribs as possible. All the while keeping parallel on the feet. Legs straight as possible. Find the tailbone close. We'll do one more like that. Up and over. Flex, separate. Lower down circles are close. We will change it. You open to the V, take it over in that v position. Flex and close.

Lower the feet to the ground and roll down ankle bones together. They're going to want to splay for most of us anyway. Finding your way. Point the toe like you're pushing the airway up and over. We go. As you close the legs, think of the abdominals assisting that working the body like the whole unit. It is flexed feet, lower legs. If you want, you can have the toes on the ground and stretch through the bowl of the foot.

Then come down. That's an option too. [inaudible] feel all the way to the top of my head. Last one over. Yeah, and close. And if you've sort of left the breadth, which I just noticed, I have, find it again. Inhale. And as you exhale from the very top of your trunk blowing out all the air as if it comes right out the bottom of your feet. And with that bend the Nice set them on the ground.

Take your arms out to a tee position, bend the leg closest to the back of the room and stretch it up for Wendy. Reach the leg, the leg and the hip up. Straight up to the ceiling. So my hips came off the mat and I reached up. Okay. Then cross the leg over as far as you want to, except you want to leave the shoulders down. Okay, so that'll be your limiting factor. Is your fingers up? Yup. My Zap or twisting at the waist instead of doing like circles at the actual hip joint, come around so it just means lower the leg.

We're making a gigantic circle when the leg now goes out to the side. Leave both hips level on the ground. Now that they're back and up again. Does that make sense again? So the same hip lifts up. Go ahead and do it from the waist. Cross it over. So you feel that coming from the waist.

Both shoulders are down and then circle around when your hips get level, leave them that way with this leg comes around again. One more time. Lift it up, spiral it over. If it feels good, look the other way on that one. Part of it sometimes does for me and around. And now will change legs. Do I go the other way? Nope. No I didn't. Sorry. Same leg. Wow. Open out to the side. Bring it down. Cross over the body and up.

Settle the hips back into place to open it to the side. Bring it around, cross it over and kind of free in the leg. Right free in the leg. Last time. All round. [inaudible] no real gripping. Maris just meant to feel good. Now bend the knee and change legs. So, oh cool. That worked out. Alright, so lift the hips straight up first, then cross it over.

I always like to go a little slower on the first one at least. And circle around. Sorry. Gym like apparently as longer. Open it up and lift again. Stretch it out and are big reach of the hip and the leg and around making our way back to the top to change directions. Open it to the side, coming around. As soon as it crosses over, let the hip go with you and oh, it feels kind of good, doesn't it? Yeah. Oh, so funny. Like we have all this in our pocket.

This is not that hard to remember. And yet this is about the only place I do this. I mean, unless I'm traveling of course. Right. Is that it? All right, bringing it down. Okay. I'm dedicating all these to different people. This one's for Shannon Netball. So let's do this in case you want to use the towel assist, let's just rock ourselves up to seated. And Jim, would you mind throwing me your towel? A really good assist for this. If you have, well, we all have troubled Nicole, don't we? Please say yes. Um, maybe not Andy, but it's two, and this works for roll-ups too, but if you place the towel right kind of at the edge of the pelvis and going, go into it from there.

As soon as you get to where you're really touching the towel, you can push into it. And often that's just the break you need. We'll see. We'll see if it feels like you're going up hill. You probably are. And maybe just need to adjust little bit. So here, yeah, yeah. Will be together on the way I'm doing it and I'm going to keep the feet pointed. Sit and tall. Now you can bend the knees at this part of it, right?

Don't let the hamstrings limits you from being able to do this exercise. So we're up tall. We're going to take the hipbones. In fact, do that. Take your forearm across the hipbones for just the set at least. And as you lean back, your hips move with you, right? So everything, nothing gets left behind. Now put the hand back and the hips are the thing that moves to take you down.

Press your head into your hands as you inhale to lift up, press into the towel if you're using one. If you're not, pretend you have one circle all the way over. For those of you flexible, don't just go for the stretch here. Keep the ABS involved. Inhale up to your street's by hinging back from the hips and now rolling down, rolling down hamstrings and inner thighs on that part so you don't do the clunk and inhale. Exhale, be okay if it takes a little longer there. Lots of reasons that the neck pole is hard. Sometimes it's just body proportion, sometimes its strength and sometimes it's just figuring it out. Some days are really just good [inaudible]. My advice would be not to get down here and rest rather stay connected.

Rest your head back into your hands lifting app, hindering back. Can you feel taller in your spine to then down? That's really nice. Yeah, really nice and last time up and all the way up and we'll stay with her arms behind her head. Separate the feet though. For spine stretch. Again, we'll be sitting for a little bit, so at any point, bend the knees so that it doesn't affect the exercise. Here we go. Inhale, exhale. It's your head that goes first, so don't lean forward yet. Exhale. Once you've kind of gone down vertically as much as you can, then you can travel forward a little bit. The hips do not change. Not on this part. Inhale, hold. We're coming back up. Exhale, act like you're squeezing the inner thighs or do squeeze the inner thighs.

Imagine you could grab your mat and your tall. Inhale. Exhale, getting taller, feeling the stretch through the back of the spine as the front contracts. Inhale. Exhale, inner thighs. Find the pecs. Find the lads will add back extension to this. Inhale, push through those feet. Those of you who want the up stretch and we go, ah, blow out all the air Kosh. The air matters. Now, inhale into back extension, so you're going to travel. The pelvis will roll forward a little bit or the tailbone sticks out.

Maybe you'll see it that way. Find the long line. If you're not sure, you can just rub your hand down your neck anyway and find out if your heads of beyond your spine should feel. Extend the arms if you did choose to extend the arms there beside your ears. Okay, so Jimmy can go more forward if it feels like they're catching there and I met with your arms and then inhale refold the arms. Imagine you're bending the elbows from starting at the shoulder blade. Exhale round over and roll lap.

Inhale, press your head into your hands here. It's a really nice stretch. Exhale, go down. Rounding down, starting at the base of the spine, the tail button, you kind of feel like you're sticking it out. It means your upper body is going to have to move to match to find the long line. If you have a mirror, you should look into it. Check it out, extend the arms as if they were part of the spine. You want straight arms. If it means they have to be wider, that's pool. Get your arm straight. That matters.

Inhale refold the arms grow longer in the spine simply by thinking about it. And exhale two around forward and roll up. Let's see. Two more. Inhale. You're still growing. Still growing. I know. You know the exercise. Don't anticipate now. Exhale round. Excellent. You can let the elbows gently fall. They're a bit now.

Here comes out, back extension. Inhaling, finding the line. Good. Good, good. Chin down ever so slightly, Shannon. Yep. XLV arms looking good. As you inhale and refold elbows, imagine the spine. We're reaching up to the hands. Exhale, round forward. That looks great. I might suggest slightly more. Yeah, that's all. Last one. Inhale with the variation. Edit on exhaling down.

Inhale. Sometimes I find that if I push my heels into the ground, it kind of assists me in a good way. Extend the arms when you get to your flat back and then without moving the arms much. Just inhale, exhale and make sure the front of your body's involved too, that you haven't just thrown your ribs forward and now gently pull the arms back. One, two. I'm hesitant sometimes to even move the arms. I feel like I want to act like I'm being pulled up forward on that diag, but the arms sorta do help. What are your feet doing? Be aware of them one more time. Inhale. Let's refold the arms.

Exhale, pull those hipbones backwards. As your body goes forward and roll yourself up. Slide your knees to where they're bent elbows. You want to probably be able to see them a little bit, not here, but just kinda out of your peripheral. Here we go. Inhale as you spiral up and toward the window. Exhale, center, and the other way feet are still wide, probably is. Why does your mat, if you can get your feet flat, do adding on. Inhale toward the window.

Great. Like any ideas? Excels at a little dollar. Oh, that sounds good. Are you even on your sits bones? I just caught myself leaning back. Check it out. All right, put the hand back and center. Excellent. So using just the muscles around your spine to go to the back end here.

Now we grab the leg. Exhale, assist yourself in height. Mostly rotation comes from your own strength. Return your hand on the inhale and come back. Good. Make this part really tall. Inhale, turn without strain. If you can help it. Exhale, be mindful. I'd think of a downward press more than I do. A pole.

Hand goes back and center. Do what you can without the hand you're going to use it, but just do what you can without too much help. Oh, that looks so good. Return your hand and come back. We'll do that one for you again. Andy. Here we go. You had such a gorgeous rotation. He was lifted and then he forgot what I was going to say and he backed out of it too soon. So we're going to stay here.

We're turn the hand with no emotion and center. We'll do one more to the other. Way to be even. Inhale, rotate, relax the shoulders, relax the chest, relax throat. And here we go. Exhale and maintaining that as your hand comes back. Back to center. Fabulous. All right. Stretching your legs out. Round over for the moment. [inaudible] all right. Coming up to Seton. Bring your feet together and just [inaudible] swivel around so you'll be facing the outside walls.

We're going to put the right foot in front for a hip flexor stretch exactly a right foot in front, just so we're all together. Thank you for no other reason than it'll just confuse me face down. Okay, so position check. You don't want to probably be right on your kneecap, so that's why I'm leaned forward quite a bit. I leave my top of my back foot down. You could keep the chose to hold on or that's a comfort thing mostly. Then before taking your hands off, if you're going to start to gently think of pressing the hips forward almost into a posterior tuck or as if you were going to try to round your low back.

Okay. You leave the knee where it was or even create a sensation of reaching the knee. If you want to come up, maybe walk your way up to your knee with your hands and as you lift your chest, remind yourself that your sternum is connected to your ribs, is connected to your, you know, and so on. So as your chest lifts, so does the pubic bone, that's all one and then if you need more of a stretch, you can either lift the arms like Andy's doing or or and or you can think of reaching the knee backwards is nothing new you're going to see, but it's a sense of that knee is going that way. Okay. Wait, relatively evenly distributed, not relatively, pretty evenly distributed between the Bakshian and the forward foot.

When you're ready, allow the arms to come down and I'm going to just change legs. Adjust yourself past the KNEECAP, okay. You could hold something to the side if that was better for you. All right. If this position didn't work for you at all, you could actually do it standing with the little Tuck, a little tucked under pelvis. That would also get the same area options. Okay? If you are thinking you want to lift your hands, just make sure you have this about the same amount of weight in the forward foot as you do the back knee and Shin, you give yourself a sense of lifting your upper body off of your lower body, optional arms and, and perhaps you think of lengthening the front of your body as well as the back of your body and then let it go.

And for all that leg to come back to seated. So you're back in the center again, right? Alright, scoot forward for open leg rocker. Picking up the feet, you're going to be behind your tailbone. Okay, so the lower bodies in that little bit of a, or the pelvis is slightly curled under. Likes are up. And to get it going, it's a simple thought of, I'm just gonna think about tucking, but not much else has to change. Here it comes. Inhale, roll back, keep the shape, exhale up at the tail end of it. You can extend your spine and inhale. It's as if you're bringing your sit bones up through the hamstrings to get going. Whoa, that's a bit much. And inhale back.

I think on this one, what we sometimes do is just sort of think, okay, I've got a curl on my body. So I go and now I've got her kick the legs back in and it becomes a two part exercise. Try to keep it all connected even if you don't get back up to grow. One more time to go down to come up. [inaudible] all right, close the feet. Uh, let's bend the knees and for now lower the heels but not to the ground. Hands back. Okay. From here, that works great.

You can be on your farms easily to do what I'm going to do. Drop the knees to the fun. Did that go to the front? It could even be on the floor and you probably get quite a lot out of this, right? Do you want a little bit more weight against the obliques? Raise your shins to parallel.

Okay. Now the trick to making the stay in the obliques is keeping the knees lined up like we were doing our spine to a supine that we often warm up with. All right. Then only if you want it to be different. Extend your legs and from the hippo lift a little too. The arms don't change much. Try and keep the toes pretty close to each other.

In other words, you're not sliding. Again, you could be on your forums. Don't let it go to the elbows. We'd been here a while. Yeah, and for the last bit of fun, you can always go back to this one with the feet on the ground, you take the arms in front legs, go to the back, arms to the front, keep the fingertips lined up to switch. Switch. So now the hips can't lift, so it is a little different motion.

The feet may slide a little. Last one back to center. That was even, and I get it. Okay. Swing round. So your heads are still in the middle, but you're face down. Yeah. Great. On the forearms with the elbows. A little more forward of your shoulders, then directly underneath it. Oh Great. All right.

From there thing to draw your shoulders down, which they probably already are, but I want to activate the lat muscle more by drawing the whole form. Like you're pulling your form along the mat to extend an open the chest to look forward. Disregard my feet. They're just happening. No problem. Here you are as a relaxed hopefully. And then from there, ah, let's keep the hips on the mat. Okay, so rather than tucking and lifting the hipbones, let's keep them on Mat. Reach the back leg like closest to the back to where it lifts and you can feel the glute and the hamstring meat. If you're not sure, find it, touch it, make yourself aware of it and lift it and lower it. Don't let it go to your low back. If it starts to instantly go to your back, you think more about reaching than lifting, but do try to lift, get the reach and then left. Good. Love it, love it, love it. Nice position, gym and mandate change legs that one can stay on the ground or reach the other one first and lift one. And don't forget that everybody, a sense of pulling forward to leg is parallel slurry far nice. Helen, you might want your elbows a little more forward there underneath you.

Quite a lot. That's a tough place to be. All right, now both legs up. They're both reaching. If that does go to your back and you can't reach your way out of it, lower down more and that's fine. And then from here we'll do little beats. One two coming from the upper inner thigh. Get the legs up. Did this go for 10 more. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10 the legs up, lower your bodies down.

Turn your cheeks to the front of the room so you're looking front. Grab on to either grab onto the fingers or I, I'd like to fully lay so all the fingers are touching. Hands away, high up, letting the elbows relax down as best you can. Abs are pulled in a little bit together now and we kick three times a one, two, three stretch. Keep the feet barely up, but really lift the upper body. Look forward, windy. You've got nice extension and change to look the other way. Everything Ben's kick one kick to kick through this a double leg kick and it's Gerrish and kick go on. Two, three something.

We tend to sometimes forget his shoulders still need to be away from ears. They can kind of fall on our faces here and again, last too, when you do the kick, try not to let it rock you. And one, two, three reach. Let the feet go to the ground. Hands come by your shoulders, curl the toes under and either push up with your hands and your knees or with the shoulders down, straight, legs up. Lovely, excellent. Either drop the knees to the ground and go down or keep your knees off the ground and [inaudible]. Now to do this, you want to keep the shoulders away from ears.

So if that means you move a millimeter without before you shrug, that's better. One more from here. Bring your right leg forward. Lower the back knee, Leslie. Okay, now you'll help me if I need it. We're going to walk that foot over a little and that don't get crazy on it. And then forward. Okay, so don't cross a lot a lot.

I mean you can always fix that if you need to just across midline. Okay. Then if you want more, because I'm trying for the outer hip and leg here. If you want more you can cross a little bit more and they'll pull the hip backwards. So this hip, the hip of the leg that's forward is crossed over, kind of resting on the side of the foot and you're taking that hip and pulling it toward. It's almost like you're going to try and rotate. Yeah, we find it and I found it and so you may feel it more closer to the knee. You may feel it in the glute. Hopefully you'll feel it period a little bit.

It shouldn't hurt. Challenge is fine. The knee bent would be okay. Try frustrater for what I'm going for. Well it band. Oh, that's good stuff. Carefully help yourself out. I'd love to stay there a little longer, but we're not going to other like forward.

I'd like to get close to straight before I walk it over and then I kind of have a general idea. If I'm going to be able to handle it and before you get fully straight into occurring to me now is I, I think to try and square off my hips, then walk the leg to straight. You'll still have to create that sensation of keeping your heel in one spot and pull back on the other. When did you lean off to the side at all? It doesn't look like it just pulling back. It's like reaching your tail tail bone out from underneath you. So you're liking it a little to the side? Yeah, I think I did too. Actually.

Jim looks like he is too, but I suppose technically it should be pretty straight on. All right. How about one more deep breath and then inch your way back to safety. All right, we've got time for one more. What's it going to be called? Posse. Goalposts. It is good call. Okay. So that means this is a external rotator slash back extension. You're face down in the goalpost position.

Yeah. So as you do this with your forehead down or you can put your head on a little pillow if that's more comfortable. Um, take a peak to your side that your elbows are not below your shoulder, but write with and that your wrists are above your elbows not coming in. You're gonna want to check that after the first repetition cause they're gonna probably sneak their way in. All right. From here we inhale to lift the hands and wrists off the ground. We exhale, hover the elbows, but try to keep the wrists a little or the hands a little higher than the elbows. So then inhale, hover, head and chest does not need to be high. Exhale, extend your arms forward.

Not a lot of tension in the answer. Just float and forward. Inhale from the shoulder blades or low traps. Pull the elbows back to the goalpost. Check it out now foreheads go down. Inhale, rotate the elbows till they touch the ground. The risk kind of went up on that and then exhale, settle in.

Double check your position. And inhale. Sorry. Inhale, lift the hands. Exhale, float the elbows. Heads are down. Now inhale, float your head and chest. Not very high. Exhale, arms reach forward. You feel the opposition at the shoulders. Just easy, easy, easy. Don't overdo that. Inhale, rebend l XL four, head down. Inhale, rotate the elbow.

There's the magic right there. And now hands. Inhale, hands. Exhale, elbows. Inhale, head, chest feed are remaining on the ground, floating the arms over and as you do, feel the ABS. Support that extra weight out. Overhead head. Inhale. Rebend. Exhale, foreheads down. Inhale, elbows. That's good stuff. And hands. Can we do one more? Two more to it is inhale hands. Exhale, elbows hang out right there for one second. We want the wrists straight. Check it out. We're all pointing to the ceiling there. Thank you.

Because now you know where your elbows in north star. I don't know what's next. Ever. Head. Chest. Thank you. Float the arms. Get that easy, easy traps, easy traps, and how rebound. Forehead down. Check wrists. It's tempting and now elbows and hands really think risks is time because it just, it's like full fools. That's, that's all. Here we go. Inhale, ris or lift. That's it. Xcel elbows. This is where they're going to try and change on you. Good job. Exhale, head, chest, and whatever the rest is. Reach [inaudible] and when it feels right, foreheads will go next. Elbows rotate down. Then hands, ah, rest for a second. Nice job. When you're ready, bring your hands by your shoulders.

Push yourself up and back into a rest position. Poor. How about curling the toes underneath you and I'm going to suggest feet together. If you can, try and make the big toe joints kind of touch [inaudible] using your hands. If your knees can take it, you'll just sit back. But with the heels quite high. If your knees don't like that, your hips are up. It's the same thing really.

It's actually a little harder to do it this way, but otherwise you're just really pressing forward. Ankle bones are still touching. All right. Then as soon as you can, you press the heels into the ground, getting your ribs close to the thighs to fold yourself in half like we did at the beginning of class. Maybe it'll feel different now. Weight over your feet. Keep your heels down as long as you can. As you bend to lower the hips, lifting the heels at the last moment. Keep the hips going down. If that's available to you or just stop the hips when it feels right. Push the heels into the mat.

Ribs close to thighs to unfurl or to at least fold in half. Look up at the belly button so you know the back of the neck is getting a little stretch. Then separate the feet a little bit, soften the knees and either use your hands on your legs or make sure you're ready for the abdominals to kick in and your hamstrings and glue to help roll you up. And let's come back to that place where you're behind your, Matt's looking out the window. I finish up swivel. So your net Pilati stance, right? Like forward. Okay, so it feels good to start with and just without changing your spine, just lift the leg just to then bend that knee, bring it up, take it to the side, hands behind your head if you did it that way before out. Again, keep this pace.

If you go to the side one more time, turn your head the other way. Bring it back and set it down. Other side. Bend the knee, take it to the side, hands behind your head. Same thing. Feel the length of the back of your neck. You can either stay here or look the opposite way.

Just your neck, nothing else. Back to center. Put the foot down. Take a deep breath. Keep your body up right as you let the arms go. Let's do it again up. Let it go. One more time up and just let it go. [inaudible] all done. Thank you.

I'm glad to be back.


Enjoyed this at sunrise on a NJ beach this a.m.!! Amazing Kristi! My vacation needed this boost!
Love the image Joanne! Thanks! Enjoy the rest of your vacation knowing you can give yourself a boost at anytime.
Thank you ... love the warmup & cool down repetition. And the transition from OLR to can-can variation. Also the transition from DLK to tricep pushups to IT stretch. Thank you - learn something new with every session!
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Great class Kristi - I loved the standing work repetition, tempo changes and the smooth transitions!
Outstanding. Loved the different pacing and "out of the box" exercises!
Thanks for the comments! Come again!!
Thanks for the great class! I love your creativity and precision. I appreciate how you "explore the edges!!!"
This class was fantastic as usual!!!
bellissima!!wonderful class! you are fantastic Kristi.thank you!!!

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