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Kristi teaches a level two class here following the basic style of BASI® Pilates. This is a good class to take for the person who is familiar with the basics of the intermediate repertoire but also wants to focus on some of the intricacies of the work.
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Dec 06, 2011
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Okay. So you're seated. Let's start seated. What'd you say? Find your sit bones sitting tall. I feel the energy and I am nervous. What is that? I don't know. Never out of it. Sit bones. Distance apart. Hold on. Underneath your legs. Shrug your shoulders and stack yourself as tall as you possibly can.

Okay. Shrug. Yeah. And then exhale and let go. But stay tall. Right? So I'm going to ask you and I'm going to try and do the same. So I kinda lose the what's going on for me.

I'm going to ask you to just be introspective. Okay? Just sorta investigate your body as you hear the cues. Do what works better for you. Breathing here, right? And I seen the long nice m t. Okay. Got some old friends in the house, new friends in the house, and we're going to feed off that energy. So one moral together with your feet parallel and lined up. Inhale, lengthening up.

Put some energy into your biceps on the exhale. Roll the hips backwards a little bit, but you're not gonna move the shoulders. Just trying to curve that lower back. Inhale, straighten it back up. I'm an exaggerate just a little bit. Try not to lean back at all. Just feel the front hip bones.

Press deeper into your body to get a little curve with the low back end email straight, not the collarbones. Don't even need to change. It can be quite small. Exhale, feeling the muscles, pulling the pelvis towards the chest and inhale. We'll go a little further this time. Exhale, roll it back. Keep going just to the top of the pelvis. You can adjust your feet too. You'll know when. Just the top of the pelvis, but not so far as the waistband.

Okay? Yeah. Take a breath here. Inhale. Keep the curve of your body as you start to blow the air out coming forward. When you think your shoulders are over, your hips somewhere around now straighten yourself up from the tailbone up. Exhale, feel the hip bones pull in to roll to that same spot. I's probably forward if shortly after you get going. Take the inhale. Exhale.

See or feel the ABS pulling in. Go ahead and use the arms if you want. That's not a big deal, but pay attention to your feet. I've got your feet apart. Right? And one more like that. And then we'll change it slightly. Exhale. We're not quite to the middle, low back yet. We're just at the top of the pelvis. So if you're not sure, stay higher. Inhale, exhale.

Feel the sense of breath pulling deep into the body as you come up. Alright. Little more interesting. Maybe draw your feet in closer. A lot closer. Okay. And I said this last night when I did it, I'm setting you up for failure and I'm aware of it and I'm not doing it for any other reason than I want to work. The deceleration. I want to work the east contraction. So there will come a point if we all do it, we're hoping to. Then you're gonna kind of fall just a little bit, but just go as slow as you can. Inhale, I, Deborah [inaudible] rolling and just stop yourself and come back up. I'll tell you what we'll do. I'll tell you what, we'll do. Move your feet back out a little bit. Just a little.

I'm gonna let you get a little warmer to the mid back. Inhale, exhale, roll down to say mid low back, not quite to the shoulder blade. Let go. Inhale, start that exhale and then bring yourself back up. That's a better idea, Christi. Inhale, exhale. We're doing it again. Just like that. Roll back. We're just going a little further than we did the first three times. Inhale, keep the curve. You can let go or not. Exhale, come forward and bring it all the way up this time. Inhale, exhale, taking it back. Go to the lower tips of the shoulder blades on this one, and in doing so, let's just hang out here. Inhale on your exhale.

Press the middle of your back into the mat. Just blow out all your air to push into the mat. We'll do it a couple times. Inhale, can you feel more pressure on the middle bones of your spine into the mat? Again, you can hold on whatever you want to do. One more here on this next exhale. We're taking it forward and up.

Now we'll bring us food and clothes and we'll go to that spot. We were just in k. Inhale, you're tall. Let go of the legs. Exhale, try to go slow as you can, as precise as you can. Try and to keep your feet on the ground and when you fall, you fall. Good. Inhale, move your feet back out a little here. Exhale, roll up.

Slide your feet or walk your feet in more easily. Close new arms so you know you're getting close to this tall as you can. You're probably going to be a little round. Let go and here we go. You can it down. Squeeze your glutes a little. Try not to throw your shoulders or your head forward. Oh, that was closer this time, wasn't it? Walk your feet out. Inhale, except pull yourself up.

Traction the floor with the bottoms of your feet and talk. Good in here when the heating close, close, close kid. How close can you get them? It's all right. Nobody's watching down. We go. Oh, lovely. Keep your feet there. Take the arms up. Inhale. Don't move your body. Exhale, squeeze the glutes a little bit. Press down. Inhale, lift, exhale, hold onto the back of your legs.

Press the entire spine into the mat except for above the shoulder blades. Inhale, exhale, blow head and feel that pressure. Feel the curve right under your chest. Lovely. Again, walk your feet a little bit away. Take your inhale, let go. If you can, you can always hold on. Exhale, come up. Take your time. Breathe. Wow. You can always tell when I'm talking to myself. Come on Kristy. You can do it. Hold on and sit sa. Alright, from here we're taking our hand closest to the mirror.

Put upon your head, the other hand, arm to the back. I'll call it straight ahead. I know. A little weird. Yeah, rotate to the mirror. I just did the thing with the arm. I'm trying to get it to rotate beyond the legs and then roll down. Okay. Mirror this thing. Do know why this thing, whatever that is, the green screen right down. We go.

Holding it there and exhale. Just breathe again. Check your legs that they're not drifting forward, right. You can go down a little the Ellis and get weighed down there. Enjoy. There you go. And all right now go to where you can touch. I'm just gonna show you what I'm doing.

You can touch your arm when you're like rotate a little more without taking your knees with you. Don't move necessarily. Just exhale and pull those abs in deeper for four. Exhale three and just contracting ads as if I were going to get up on that diagonal one more time. Cause now you are going to go center and change sides. So you're going towards the back switch hands right and just breathe for five rules. These are nice and level. Here's to supporting your head. Here's three and four a g go ahead and touch the leg out.

A tiny bit more rotation by pressing into the leg and now it's just drawing the abs in and up one. It's like the intention is that you're about to get up to, there's three waking up the ABS and four come back to the center both arms forward. You may need to walk your feet out a little bit XL and come up. Good draw that you may need to skip forward on your mat for rolling. Likable, having the feet tight, little ball. If you're feeling tight in your back, you're going to open up the ball a little bit. Right? Here we go. Roll back on an inhale. Exhale up, keeping your shape hold and inhale. Feeling the gentle downward pressure of the shoulders and inhale back and never quite losing that contraction. Nice, Jim, we're really good to try and keep the eyes in the same spot. Excellent. Nice. Diane, one more time and then from here, pressing the slide your hands up to the knees.

Press your knees and your hands to slowly lower yourself down to the shoulder blades. Okay. Looking straight ahead. Extend the leg closest to the window and change. Jim, come down a tiny bit in your upper body too, and change through and, and reaching long. Good. Beautiful. Oh, it looks great. Putting a little exclamation point on it, right.

Press and press. It doesn't mean ad, it just means like you know where you're going. Giving yourself a few more here. Yeah, bring both knees in. Let your heads go down. Hug the knees in quite close, gently guiding the tailbone toward the Mat. Curl your head up again. Inhale, just reach straight back with the arms and out with the leg. Squeeze the glutes a little bit more. Come right back in and hold on in. He'll remember how we felt. The back pressing into the mat.

That's what you're going for here and back. Inhale, reach and exhale back. So Jim, because you're starting to weight it stops at your shoulder and back. Good and open up and pull it in. Imagine something came right in the middle of the belly and push down and that was the reason you recoiled. Last ones coming in. Take your legs to tabletop. Arms out to a low v. Head down toward the front of the room. Inhale, rotate the knees over a little bit. Exhale back to center.

So make this kind of easy to the back. Inhale, rotate. Feel the ribcage sink as you draw the legs back to center. Good. Inhale, reaching opposite shoulder stays down. That's how far you know to go, or that's when you notice stuff again to the back. Okay, last two here. Your knees are staying lined up. Just kinda tapping into that rotational aspect of all this stuff we're going to do and center from there. Hands go behind your head, lice the fingers together. Curl your chin to your chest and roll up. Always a good reminder to press your head back into your hands. So do that.

So you really feel that sensation and see if you can come up a tiny bit more from this spine. Curl into yourself. Don't just float higher. All right, from here all you're going to do is draw the knees toward you and lift the tailbone up and put it down. So it's kind of small. And again, try not to move your upper body and lift three and down and four and down. Some minimize, um, the swing of the legs. But there is definitely motion there. Yeah, it's okay. If the feet go a little higher, that's fine. But you wanted to see if you can do is control fourth up and then play.

Sit down and up and please sit down. Two more. Up and down. One more up. So now your tailbone is down. As much as you can help, curl yourself up a little more. Extend the leg to the back, rotate to the front. See if you can get high enough that you can almost touch that knee. Come on, squeeze the glutes in. Inner thighs toward each other. Change.

Hang out on the other side for a minute. Feel stretched to the front of that opposite light. Come on, come on Nancy, and let's go. Switching and or switch to and feel the energy driven from the center. Good. Oh, you guys look great. I should stand up straight since I'm saying this. Go for more single. Starting now. Ringing the spine. Two 30 come back to center. Hold it.

Lift the hips up one. Oh again, we'll do four. Nope. Throw it. Let me have to see it. Just contract for it. One more coming up. Extend your right leg up. Hold onto it. Left leg to the ground and head down for a stretch. Yes. Now feel free to bend the lower leg, right if you need to.

I'd rather the top leg be straight relatively easily. Okay, great. Did I say I did? Okay, good. Alright, and then image-wise imagine reaching your foot all the way through the ceiling, but then the other end of the leg through the mat or the floor, and then find some ease there. If you're able to stretch out the lower leg, do, if not, leave it there. Flex the top leg, let the arms come down by your side. We'll do this first and then we'll go into the rest. For leg circles, I'm going to go flex foot full circle on an inhale. Here it goes. Inhale around, same direction. Exhale. It doesn't need to be big. It needs to be fluid and really more important that the pelvis is still in. And exhale, one more breath cycle stability everywhere. Here's the last exhale. Changed Directions. Inhale around.

Exhale. So much of what we're trying to do is find an anchor point so that the rest of us can move easily. I think that's probably what I'm trying to do in my life right now. One more time. Fight the toe, bend the knee and cross it over for a little quick stretch. I mean really, we could take these lessons and make more of them and a workout every time. Okay, come on back. If your knee was bent on this stretch on the other leg, bend it. Now. Take the other leg up. Find the length of your leg.

How long can you be without a whole lot of strain, right? That's partly why I'm doing this. First, just to get a little ease in the hamstring. If you can inch your way into a straight, like on the bottom, that's great, but don't let it change anything else. Alright, flex the top leg, arms back down, crossing the midline first we go in to exhale, stirring it up in and exit. The way you're going to anchor is, think a little bit about that support leg. One more full cycle. Here's the exhale. Other direction.

Inhale around. There's a bit of a drop in a catch and inhale. Two, exhale. Two more rounds. Inhale and exhale. One more round. Inhale and exhale pointed toe bending the Nita Crossover. Speaking of anchor points, let's come back.

Keep that leg extended up and for the moment, let's let the top leg be bent. Press the lower straight leg into the ground and and not just once it's there, you're there, but actually push down into the floor. Bring your head up and check out that your leg hasn't drifted out to the side. If so, aim a little more toward the middle. Draw the top leg in as close as you can, even if it has to be a little bent, that's okay. Then pull the foot out of your hand so it's exhale, exhale, or changing legs. Hold for a second just to kind of check things out.

Check your hips and pull it out of your hand. It's pulse pulse. Now we go change and you're welcome to use the hands. That's how it's meant to be done honestly, but not without the ABS and hip flexor. Really doing a fair amount of work. Upper body, absolutely. Still, I'm going to go a tiny bit faster after this set. If you don't feel like you have time, don't go all the way to the ground.

Let's go. Pulse, pulse, and pulse. Pulse. Get the bottom leg down if you can. Last two sets. One more step coming up and both legs up, hands behind your head. Squeeze the glutes, reach the legs out and pull back. Pressed ahead into your hands. Inhale, reaching long and pull back up. There's really no reason you need to tighten up your legs much, but do get my hips tight. Just two more nice. If your legs are moving out and it's changing your back, you're going too far right? Last one up, holding it there. Head goes down, arms down by your side. Tilt up toward the window, lifting the hip.

Look at your feet. They're lined up. Come back to center to the back in you're lifting. They're lined up and back. Kind of small. Just one more each way. We'll think of that later. Last one, we're heading into rollovers from here. If you're not up for a rollover, you bend your knees and didn't do the reverse crunch. Okay, here we go. Inhale from 90 degrees, exhale up and over, hitting horizontal.

Flex your feet. Push the energy out, the bottoms of your feet. Separate the feet optional to lower end. Now from your chest rolling down. Bring those thigh bones close to your body, pushing through the heels. Circle down to close. Inhale. Exhale up over the exercise. This is not arrest here gang.

Flex and push legs apart. Feel the front of the body pressing into the back of the body. Bring it down. Circle close. Inhale up over. Now when you flex, pull the Adze and make that your opposition. And down and around. Okay, good. One more. That way please. Over the feeder. Strongly together.

Flex. Separate. And down. Here we go. Reversing the direction. So now you opened to a v. Take it up. Over squeeze, flex and Nice Job Nancy. And down we go. Ain't no mercy. Denied are you have an over almost there. Good flexing clothes. Keep those ankle bones together as you roll down. Joy.

The stretch only gonna do one more here for an even seven probably. Alright, squeezing. Close. Enjoy it now kit. And then when you get down to your around tail, bend the knees in. Nice job. Okay, so far so good. Looking good. How are we doing on air? Hot? We do like it hot. What do I, okay, I'm going to leave it happen, but I can change it at anytime.

If anyone changes their mind needs to table top, curl forward. You're going to need to press your thighs away a little bit, but let's limit it. In fact, let's hold on for the first one. We're gonna keep our shins parallel. Push your legs into your hands to help you up. The shoulders are easy and then we straightened her back. You can be leaning back. I, in fact, I recommend it. If you can let go do, we're going back down. Leave the legs here just to the shoulder blades.

I should have told you glutes are tight. Check, check on yourself. You'll go up again. Any L if you can, not a big deal if you can. Ah, right. And we go squeeze. Almost like you're pushing the thighs away from you and the app deeper into the body. And let's come up again. Just go ahead. Yep. Use those arms for that split second.

It's better than full on strain in places we don't need it. Okay. This time, take your arms toward the window. Almost. Did it again coming up. Leave your legs where they are. Oh, come on. And let's go to this side again. You can put your feet down and do this. By the way, it works. I may not be any easier either. I may not be able to look easier. Hi, here we go. Center.

Come up. Oh baby. Oh baby. All right, feet down. I thought that was enough to merit one little lift. Extend, roll back. So you're in a little tuck of the pelvis. If you come back up, rotate to the back that came from your rib cage, right? Or waistline. Now we go down. Check that your knees don't start twisting off to one side and we come up. Oh boy. Inner thighs, glutes. I promise not gonna make it easier, but it might help. And that's your best shot and up ago.

Remember, you can put your feet on the floor. It's okay. And we went down again. We did center hands behind the eyes. Bring yourself up, find your ankles or shins for open leg rocker. Pretty narrow, not wider than your hips. May Be about the width of your mat. For the first three. Let's not land it, but under control.

If you can't, so you're gonna rock back, but we're not going to hit the straight line and and back. Keep those shoulders in place. Notice if you're driving energy into your knees. One more full one like that. On the next one we will try and land it. We go back, we roll up in near the top, we start thinking upper back, but keep yourself behind the table and we roll back. We come forward and somewhere around now we start thinking, oh, I think I'll grow up out of this. Okay.

If you find a lot of strain in the legs or the arms height, encourage you to slightly bend them for a bit and maybe hold under the calves. How about one more here to come up? Since we're here, it's kind of a weird place to do it. I'm gonna do it anyway. Feet together. Put one hand back or both. Eventually lean back as much as you want. You could be on your elbows for this.

I won't be here long. Take the legs to the front. Lift that opposite hip and center to the back and center front. [inaudible] try and feel it goes far as you can without your other hand coming off easier if your legs are short. All right, from there, let the lights come down a little. I'll, I'll finish it later. Actually. Put your feet down, separate them and roll down like you're going to do a pelvic curl next. Yeah.

So your feet are a little bit apart. They're parallel. You feel the back of the arms on the mat pretty strongly. Good. So Diane, just bring your feet in closer to you. Yeah. Alright. Spread out your upper back. It's a pelvic curl. Inhale. Make it worth it, right. Exhale. Feel just the front of the body working at first.

Then you'll feel the hamstrings kick in as you roll up. Stretch out the front of your legs, make it so that the knees are straight ahead. Good, good. And inhale. Exhale to roll back down. It's like you're holding something right between the inner thigh or above the knee. Inhale again and exhale. Find some ease and that's the way you'll find more depth to them.

Almost always somewhere around here. Um, in fact, just take another breath, exhale and Tuck your pelvis a little more. Good. Nancy, you've got your few kind of far away. It's okay. But you could bring them in here. Um, Ashley, can you talk anymore? Yes. You don't need to be higher. Good staying there. If you can focus on the right glute. So you're just, you're not gonna see anything. But if you just squeeze the right glute or press the right foot into the floor, perhaps squeeze, release, squeeze, release.

I want you to know that you're doing it. It's just like the willful control of, okay, I'm gonna squeeze my right butt cheek. That's what I'm doing. Now. Change sides shouldn't really see it, but you'll feel it for sure. Good. And get do about four or five of those. Then even at out, so it feels even Ashley, you can take your hips back up where they were. If you aren't feeling any pain, take the inhale there on your exhale. Pickup your right knee. Yeah, stretch it up to the sky and we kicked down on exhale one and bring it up.

And two, I like to flex coming up. Three and four. Still feeling you can really press that other leg into the ground. Two more. Here's one. One more. Bring it up. Replace it. Roll halfway down. So you're getting maybe to the bottom of the rib cage. Refocus and roll back up. You may need to check your shoulders taking.

I think the left leg up this time. Feel free to press that lower leg into the ground a lot. Let's go. Eight down, one flex to pull up to another place where everything is anchored so that the leg can be free. I think that's five, but um, you know, I already told you that's it. Bring it back. Thank you. And from here, roll down. Releasing the glutes relatively soon. Not fully, but comparatively. Yeah. Okay. Stretching the legs out onto the mat. They're together. Just take your arms straight above your chest, like you're holding something firmly from the upper arm all the way down to the fingertips. Leave them, nevermind. Just bring them forward. Inhale, look forward and exhale. We're coming up.

Hopefully keep the curve. Inhale, exhale and squeeze the midline of your body. You should go back down and reaching arms, just less to stop them with the ceiling today. Right away, back up. Inhale. Exhale. Press the inner thighs together and maybe think of a downward press of the hamstrings. Inhale, can we go a little quicker? Exhaling now and where the inhale to exhale, giving you full breath cycle each direction.

On this next one, I'm going to stop you at the shoulder blades. Okay, so here we go. And this is kind of a subtle thing. I'd like you to just press into your legs with your hands or maybe your whole arm kind of pressing inward sometimes. And you know what? Roll Up. I'm just gonna do a really quick thing cause it's settle. Roll up, have a seat. Check this out for one second and maybe you won't see it, but hopefully it'll make sense in my words. There's a way aware sometimes when we say, okay, curl more or curl higher.

It goes from sort of a curl two, I'm going to like a levitation, right? Is that, that's sort of what ends up happening sometimes. Is that okay versus going into yourself? Is it showing, okay, I'm going more for that one and I know from myself when I hear that like curl more, I get nervous that I'm not wanting to do this. I don't mean that. Keep the collarbones wide still, but you, it's okay to shorten. It's okay to even round, right? It's, it's one of the ways that we move, but we want to avoid this fear of I can never move my upper body. Is that okay? Carry on. Let's go. We're Dallas. Just start from the bottom so you can feel the articulation. Uh, I do think it kind of helps to have the arms on your legs, but it's up to you as you bring your head up.

Fingertips are now closer to your knees, right? Collarbones are wide, but we are in fact curved. Let's inhale without getting up yet just to exhale and feel yourself reaching into yourself or curling more a few breaths they are, and do it so that you don't pull the hips towards you. Right? You're not dragging the legs toward you, you're going toward them. All right, here we go. Take an inhale. We'll get up on this one. Exhale, press into your legs. That kind of helps. Oh, isn't that lovely? When you get in front, Benji's a little and slide up to a flat back on a diagonal. So I'm pushing on my legs just to give myself a long back, leaning forward and then we'll roll down to that spot again.

Spread out the collarbones, stopping at that arch. Inhale. Exhale. We'll go forward. Okay. Yes, yes, yes. Come forward more than we sometimes do. Bend the knees and straight and your spine on the diagonal. Excellent.

And we roll down again. Lovely. Spreading out the arms or the shoulder blades in here last time up. Exhale to go. Keep going. Take a big stretch forward, but still pulling the abdominals back to give you the stretch to your back. We're heading into spine stretch. Next. Same idea. Roll up your spine to your sitting up tall and separate your feet, the width of your mat. Let's not let hamstrings be an issue here.

So if your hamstrings are tight, bend your knees now because we want to work that curve. All right, arm straight ahead. Let's externally rotate. Thinking of really squeezing inward on everything. Here we go. Inhale. Exhale. You're lifting up to go down the same exact thing you did a moment ago. Only the arms are in front of you. You could put him down. Then inhale and exhale.

Feel those hipbones roll you back up the imaginary wall still tall and flex your feet. Even though if your knees are bent down, you go the sense of I'm peeling up off the mat and bringing my ribs a little closer to each other and inhale and exhale. Roll Up. Okay. Let's make a little goal for ourselves knowing you do kind of, you do have to keep the collarbones wide. Try to touch your head in between your knees. No, try to touch your head to the mat, but not beyond your knees. I don't know. We'll see. I bet it's possible. Here we go. You can certainly touch your head.

Just don't lean super far forward to do it. Ooh, go ahead. Go ahead. Try, try. Inhale and exhale lap. My real point is to challenge yourself from where you'd normally go. I'm adding the back extension. So one more time down.

Love it. The mother daughter Combo cause. Okay, so from here this one's a little add on for Diana Nelson. Inhale in the back extension, so from where you are you start to straighten your back from the tailbone up through the upper back, your arms float overhead gym. Keep your arms down today or here for your shoulder. Okay. Then inhale, exhale, round forward and roll back up to that starting position. Inhale and exhale. Inhale, we lengthen the spine. If you have any kind of shoulder impingements, you're leaving your arms down and just using them on the shins, it'd be a good idea. Inhale, there you go. And exhale, round down to roll one more like that. And then I'll add the variation. Inhale, exhale to round.

Find the work here. This one can kind of be tedious if you're not engaging deep into the ABS. Here we go. Now we switch into the back extensors. Okay, let's stay here. Again, if you don't want, if your shoulders aren't good with the arms overhead, you're staying with your hands here and we simply extend longer by pressing the shoulders back or the shoulder blades too. So for you Jim, you're just kind of pulling or pressing down its exact same contraction of the chest slightly going forward. And can you lean forward a little more Nancy? Yes. It's fine to bend the knees. I'm not worried about the legs. It's a point. Alright everybody hold it there. Inhale and exhale.

We round over and we rule it out. Back Up. Yeah. Good. Let's do just a quick little turn to face the front so you don't have to switch. Yeah. Actually Jim put your head on that end. Perfect. Perfect. Yep. Okay. So just for a little, um, mermaid like so, so I've got the foot at the knee.

Exactly. All right. And then doing your best to reach your right out so we're not rotating. So you guys are going that way. You're going that way. You find your find the ground and then from here you turn the, the spine, the rib cage, maybe your hands all line up. You can get that other hand down. It's okay if he doesn't line up, that's more normal actually. Then from here, take a deep inhale and on the exhale pull the abdominals deep and intellect, your low background.

So it's as if I'm trying to set that opposite hip down the hip closest to the center for you guys. You're like pushing into my arms to round the low back. Then reopen. Inhaling, lift up. Good. And then Jim, we're going to leave your shoulder out of this one. You're just going to stretch over. Okay. And if you cramp, you've just come out of it and do what she's doing.

So your right arm can up here, right? And so Jim, your hair right? Arm Up. Yup. When we get to the other side, you won't do that one. Okay. Switch sides. So this ought to be fine. I think at this part we will reach out, finding the ground good. And then rotate. Taking that stretch, making contact with the full palm. Both palms and then drawing the ABS in.

So it's almost as if you're trying to set the hips back to the level. Probably won't happen, but that's the direction you're heading in. Then reopen, lift yourself off and then your arm goes up. But this time Jim, keep your left arm down. Okay, thank you. Ah, straighten up the arm. They all buddy you. Alright? Swivel backgrounds here in the center again, bending your knees for a little tricep dip. Fingers face your feet. Alright, so first things first, lift up out of the shoulders and just kinda checking.

Can you get to straight arms with your shoulders down? It's not everyone can at first, but that's something you could strive for. From there, we just going to lift ourselves up. Adjust your feet so they're helping you a little bit. Shoulders are down, and then we're just going to bend the elbows and lift. If it's a huge stretch, you're going to come back a little bit over your arms, okay? In any case, you want it more strength than stretch, so you're more over your arms than not. Okay, so all together now we'd go down, we'd go a free go down. We go, trying to avoid going toward the Hilo way toward the Hilo magazine.

It's just a lazy leg exercise. If you go, if you're bored, I'm only going to do like, I don't know, 10 more. Someone should count. Um, then you go more weight over your arm or you pick a leg up or both. But I'm not, if anyone could Aaron, it'd be you. That's gotta be close. Come on. 10, 10. Okay, good. Have a seat. Good. Oh, nice. Hands behind your head. Oh, don't they feel nice and light? This should be okay.

Flex your feet. Push your feet away, hinge back a little bit. Little Tuck of the pelvis. And now gently, slowly keep your head pressing in your hands. It's surprisingly helpful and touch. Inhale, lift, head, neck and shoulders. Keep pressing the feet away. Exhale to lift off. Remember, you get to curl into yourself. Keep girling as you go over to your knees. Inhale, lengthen him in this place. You have a little bit of a tucked pelvis, although it should look straight. Very nice. Hinge back and the pelvis gets pulled underneath you, press into the back of your head and into your hands and down and up.

Exhale to lift, push through the legs, reach the inner thigh. And up we go. Point this time through the ankle and, and last time up. [inaudible] oh go, go, go and up. All right. On this one we'll go down to the shoulder blade. Yes please.

So you're not going to quite get to the ground. Find that midline. Turn the legs outward. So the theater out and these are out. Yeah. And from there, lift up the right leg and it's probably a little lower. Sorry I didn't get specific, but there we go. And we're just gonna Cross it over the middle. Pretty small.

Imagine you're going to get up, but that's actually not going to happen. One more. Set it down. Change size, reaching long on, make the contact of the upper inner thigh. The strong point, that's where you're pressing three, four and five. Leg goes down, head goes down, feedback to parallel. Flex them for the neck. Pull last time up. Inhale and exhale all the way over and up. Keeping your feet flexed. Press the head back into your hands. And I don't mean to look up or anything, you just want to feel that wall that you've created toward the front. Double exhale center. Yeah, a little more spine action. Okay.

Feel the muscles moving the spine. Lovely. One more. Come to the front last time. Hold it there. Extend your arms, reach him further. And you do that by almost letting them go. Rather than tightening them, you kind of let them go. And then five slow presses here.

I'm going to encourage you to reach the leg forward that's close to the mirror. So you guys are all reaching your right, like forward. You guys left window. I know switch size but watch sales. Did you get to the other side and so your back leg is reaching a little further or that hit, that's it out than one and [inaudible] or weeks. Your electing a little more Nancy five and then come back to center and relax.

Turn to the front again. So you just swivel top leg in front. We're going down to her elbow. Um, that happens. So yeah. Perfect. Jim, put yourself on the other side. I tried to make it, I don't know, I'm just that way actually. Okay. Stretch your legs out quite a bit. The top leg is in front of, I didn't say so. And then lift yourself off. Okay.

From here you're gonna want this top hand in front. Let's say pretty close to the forearm. You could touch the forearm. Okay. With the fingertips then maybe most important. This top shoulder is down in my mind. It kind of almost wraps around my back.

Take the other one off. Yeah, I wasn't kidding. Take the other one off. Good. Start to lower down. Change your mind. Start to lower down. Change your mind down. So it would be switching hands. Tim, if you want to do it, switch your hands. Oh, I see you're modifying. Okay. Sorry. Sorry. Can you go all the way down and up? Hi, it's Allison Ashley. Okay.

Make it slightly as you can. Move your hand down towards your belly button. Oh, but I think that's plenty. Don't you? Hand is down. Good. Lift your hip. Ah, take that arm off. Let it just rest then from this underside. So Diane, you could put that top foot in front actually. Literally on the ground. That'll be helpful. Yeah, that's what we're all doing here. You go from there, press the bottom leg into the top a little bit to lift you up and, and Ah, and that's not that big, but really try and go for the waist in that last cue. And how are we doing top like point your toes straight ahead. If you're gonna flex, let's do that. That's a good idea.

And lift one and two and we'll do five, three here's four regional long. One more time. Five carefully. Set yourself down. Slide your legs in and stretch or up there is what I'm going for. Yeah. Good. That's fine. Okay. Other side.

So we were up who are nice and lifted up out of that lower shoulder. Right. We had the knees bent top arm in front. [inaudible] so once you get going, things you're watching for is that when she starts to push that you don't instantly, which way would be normal? I think you would turn into the ground would probably be more likely to try and stay facing straight ahead. All right. Ready? Handoff. You can put it wherever you want really anywhere and lower a little lower level and, and again you can adjust the arm down if you want to go all the way. Go all the way. If it's still too easy. Dickey, I'm out here.

I noticed I stopped in there and up out, up. Go for two more. Nice. Just don't let the shoulder shrug it all Jim rather just think of lifting your ribs. Okay, good. Down with this one I think is going to be fine. Modified for shoulder, I'm not feeling quite up to speed is to keep the bottom knee bent. If you want to put weight on it at all and lift using weight in that forward foot up to you. Otherwise everyone else is up.

Right and now it was, I gave you the cue of pressing the lower leg into the top leg. It's just one way of thinking of it. You could think of just making an arch pretty small or push the hips up. Either one. Press press. What was the second thing I did right to that. Okay, good. Smart and lived on one and two. There was one more.

Good, we just did five, right? Yep. And like down carefully down. Turn onto your bellies for single leg kick. So tonight if we could to at least to start and then you can go back to normal if you want. Let's take ourselves a little lower than we normally would with the arms a little bit wider. So you have room. So I'm wanting a fair amount of the sternum on the mat.

It's as if you're pulling yourself. If I could actually pull forward, I would. That's where my energy is in my upper back and arms. And your most likely all of you looking forward a bit maybe beyond your hands for sure. All right. Pressing knuckles into knuckles. Reach your legs long. See you feel the front of your hips. We are trying to arch the upper back like we did the when we were inflection.

Have our both legs. All Right Kiki. Just one leg at a time for now. It's kick straight and change legs. Kick, kick, reach, kick, kick. Try to pull yourself forward on your mat. Just in energy, right. Paul Paul St Paul. Paul, straighten zero movement anywhere other than the lower leg. Good. Nancy, you can look forward a little bit. Yup. And Sticky Chester. Just a smidge. Nice. Alright, alternating. Now it's kick, kick, kick, kick XL two, three, four an inhale, two, three, four and exhale.

Just that top one's pulsing. Pulse, pulse, pulse. One more set. Exhaling. I don't know. Somewhat reach it out long. Turn your chiefs to the mat. Looking forward toward the window. Hands behind your head. I mean, I'll look man, we removed one mirror today and I can't get it out of my head. All right. Reaching your legs. You want to feel the front of your hips in the ground. Yeah.

You want to feel the hamstrings kick up. And these are Hubbard hands high as you can. Some of you I know can go higher than that. All right. Kick bending the knees to kick her. One, two, three. Stretch long arms and like straighten and you hover. Sorry.

And rebound going otherwise. One, two, three, straighten arms and legs slightly looking forward. Yes. And switched care. Go on. Kick to kick three and stretch a little more. Strengthen the legs. Think I'm working my hamstrings. I do not get to let my hips lift off at all. And last set to three and stretch one more and one, two, three and stretch and relaxed to the mat. Good. Whenever you're back settles hands to shoulders. Stretch back. Hips over heels.

Okay. Yeah. And it is meant to be for a back stretch. So to get the backstretch sometimes you can't just sit back. You have to actually really curl the tail underneath you so you don't just completely let go for some people. [inaudible] alright. Coming up to hands and knees. Hands are right below your shoulders.

Right. Um, if your Matt fills too, cause she just, yeah, move off to the side or forward. I should say probably a better idea. Alright, straight lines across the collar bones. Extend one leg back and then the other. You want to be able to feel your glutes and hamstrings before we do anything else from there, lift your right leg up. Toes are pointed straight down where you just look down and make sure that's true. Hard to tell sometimes. All right, if it is, come back with your head slightly.

Tuck your pelvis reach or like further and higher by lifting it from the hamstring. Take it to the side. Toes are still pointing down. You might need to look and bring it back higher. Bring it back. Toes are still pointing down. Put It on the ground. Other side, you can take a quick break if you need. It. Expires towards little tech. Reached the leg right out of the hip joint. Easy in your body. If you strain more, you're gonna get tired.

Lift it a little higher from the thigh or the hamstring. Beautiful Champ. Come on, take it out to the side. Toes are still down so that means you're still in parallel. Strong on the other leg to bring it back a little higher than you took it out. Put it down, bend your knees and back away.

[inaudible] hmm. [inaudible] all right. Coming forward for the what Andy Calls [inaudible]. I don't know what exactly what it's called, but you're going to be on the ground with your, I won't say anymore when he's not here. Um, you're, you're here. Basically your forehead will be on the ground and that's where your arms are. So when I say 90 degrees at the shoulder, now blots, and I mean goalposts is what I tend to say. Ah, okay.

So Emily, just move your elbows up forward a little. If you want to air on the side that your elbows are higher than your shoulders. All right, this is a great exercise for the rotator cup. Leave your forehead down for now. Andrew. Elbows. Lift the forearms off the mat except for the elbow.

Elbow still touching. Hands are off. There you go. Then hover your head and chest. Just barely, just barely extend your arms overhead. You might stay there, Jim. Good. All the way to straight. If you can rebound. The elbows to that 90 degree position. Put your forehead and chest back down. Then rotate your elbows into the ground. Nice House and hands back to him.

Good hands are up. Inhale. Exhale, elbows up. Just a little. Inhale, head and chest, slightly hover. Exhale, stretch your arms forward. That's it. All the way in hell. Rebound to 90 degrees. Exhale, forehead goes down. Inhale, elbows, touch. And then the hands rest, him and dude, one more time. Inhale, hands up.

Exhale, elbows. Good Nancy. Keep your feet on the floor. Inhale, hover, head, chest. Exhale, stretch the arms up. See if you can get the arms higher than the ears toward the ceiling. God. Nice Aaron, both of you. Inhale. Rebend. Exhale, forehead. Inhale, elbows and hands. Well done. Rest. And then take yourself one more time.

Back to the rest position. Really Nice when you're ready. Come up to and what we'll call an ebb stretch. Got caught calling us a down dog and felt fraudulent the other day. Cause I'm not a yoga teacher, but what I've always said, I'll use a cue that works. So going for a little hamstring stretch here and and back stretch maybe.

But if your arms are tired you can just walk forward and have seeks. That's where I'm want to go in about two breaths. All right, let's all just take a big step forward and have a seat. I promised you something earlier. I can't leave without giving you. Um, of course he didn't hear it. I just thought of it. Um, we did all the corkscrew basic tic-tac-toe. Um, what I want to do is head into hip circles prep. So you have a choice and it's really six of one it kind of visit proportion thing for a lot of people. We'll, I'll have you up here in just a second.

Going from one side circle round and up. Take your legs as high as you can. Okay. Even if it forces a bit of a curve. I'm not saying sink down here, but from where you start, which will be basically a teaser position, bring them up as high as you can. The pelvis is going to be moving a bit, but you don't want to do is go into hyperextension of it at all. At all. All right, let's see what happens. So Ben, Johnny's, Oh and the other options, sorry. It would be on your elbows. The thing to note with that is your, it'd be easier to get your legs up, but when they go down it's gonna pull you more.

So you've gotta be ready for that. So I'd go small either way first. All right, so we've, we, everyone's gonna have a little tuck of the pelvis and open shoulders. You can be wide with your hands. No big deal. Pick your feet up without changing your spine. If you can extend them, do. If you can't, they're too high. You can back up or go to your elbows. Take them to the front. Lower morale and a little bit.

You can lift the hip a bit and back to center other way to the back or switch up, up, up. Come on. Like you got to kiss your knees last too. One more. And that'll do set them down. Come forward for seal. It doesn't smell. Wow. So you're bringing yourself, we're going to go quite deep with it. Okay. A couple of different ways. We want to really get in there with the feet pretty high. Okay. Bringing yourself into that little ball and just so you know that the curve of this comes from the lower end of your spine, not the upper hand. Okay, go ahead.

You're going to roll back and come back up. I'll meet you here. Excellent. And again, if you know the clapping and go for it. We'll do three beats at the top. One, two, three full back, beat three back there. And it's the inner thighs working. One, two, three up. One, two, three thing. Inner thighs. Move the whole leg together. One, two, three. One more time. I'm going to keep us down. Holding a two seated.

Next time you come up, let go of the feet. Find a comfortable, relatively comfortable place to sit or way to sit. However that is for you. If you can roll your mat every need. I think we got everything mostly. How's it going? No problem. No problem. Just like on the video, a little warmer fixer when people maybe, okay guys, let's just breathe, take a deep breath and, and it's a chance I think to let go. Um, and sometimes if it's not a dedicated time and we don't actually say I'm going to do that right now, we don't. So we can do that for three breaths. We can be light on ourselves for three breaths.

You can feel the weight of our bodies and appreciate it as we feel the space that's also there. That's light. And I'm thinking to wherever you are in a straight spine, if you can just drop your left ear to your left shoulder, not letting that be a reason that your spine drops it all and take your right arm off. Just walk it away from you a little bit onto the floor. And then maybe this isn't the ideal position. Maybe you'll like it better if you look down a little bit.

So if you'd just turn your eyes down towards that left hip, perhaps if you looked up, I mean, it's, you look for explore. Remember we're being interrupted, introspective on what do I need? Yeah. Nothing right or wrong, truly, when it feels right, just let your head drop to the middle. You can leave that arm over there, pick your head up in the center and go right here to right shoulder. Just notice the arms are quite heavy. It feels good to you. Take that left arm off, walk it away a bit.

Nothing's straining, but certainly wait opposition play with where would you enjoy the stretch most? Okay. Down. Let your body teach you what it needs. And then again, when it feels right, come back to the center. Let it be heavy. Your head heavy against the spine. Feel the stretch to the back of the neck maybe. And then wherever it's comfortable, rest your hands, picking your head up for one more long breath in.

And with that, let everything go. Yeah, and I sure appreciate your energy tonight. Thank you. I mean [inaudible].


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Great class Kristi! As always your cueing always makes me go deeper.
Oh Yeah! More awesome variations. Love the one arm push up from the lifted side, feeling the triceps and the obliques; two of my favorite target areas! Look forward to working out with PA again tomorrow morning!
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Kristi, thank you for another great class. As always, your cues allow for deeper exploration of the movement. I always look forward to your classes.
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Awesome....great stuff...esp love "put the exclamation pointe on it" for SLS, variation on SSLS, rocking in OLR, and oblique work. Also amazed at sequence...& no hundreds! Thank you for making me move outside the norm!
I so wish you all would come to class one day! Can you imagine the fun we'd have!! Let's make a date!!
This is my first class on pilatesanytime and I'm really impressed. Your cues are great and the class was FUN! Thank you!
You're most welcome Amanda. Glad you joined the fun on PA.
I did this class first thing this morning before teaching the same level. It warmed me up; got my head and body ready for the challenges of the day and ready to teach, copying some of your great cues!
Loved the deeper focus thru the cueing to fine tune the work ~ especially with curling the upper body into flexion & having the students think about the steps or layering levels to achieve/execute the move...really a great session! Thank you :)
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Great class Kristi!! Loved your continuous and thoughtful cuing!! It shows how much experience you have:0) I can tell when you switch or change your mind mid movement that you are highly tuned into your body and have truly and deeply grounded yourself into the work.I love your authenticity in sharing your awareness of how you are feeling with the movements and how it relates to life "off the mat" What a testament to the true meaning of integration of mind and body! I loved the workout! Where did the time go? Thanks again!:0)
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