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Tower Workout

40 min - Class


Work your whole body in this 40 minute Intermediate level Tower workout with Meredith. Enjoy a strong emphasis on spinal flexion and creating depth but finish with delicious extension work featuring a nice way to practice perfecting Swan on the mat.
What You'll Need: Tower

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Apr 01, 2012
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Love Meredith Rogers! Great cuing, pacing, demonstration. The 100 with arm AND leg springs into leg work with an upper body curl is a new fave. Thank you!!!
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Rock on....absolutely LOOOOVED this session. I teach with the Pilatesstick and I can adapt many of the PTB exercises to the "stick"! thank you so much. You are spot ON always! Raising a glass to you .... again.
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Hi Meri....when can I get a session from you, seriously?! Beautiful class!
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Beautiful workout, thanks Meredith!
Ladies...thank you so much! I always appreciate your feedback especially when it is so lovely!!
Miss Amy,
I would love to give you a session! Anytime. Hope your mom is better...hoping to see you tomorrow. :)
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Meredith loved your creative variations, you are a beautiful mover!! :)
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Thank you for this inspiring Tower workout. I loved the new ideas how to use the tower. Have you ever tried the four rowing exercises from the reformer on the Tower? Worth a try.
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Good idea Reiner! Thanks.
Awesome class! Loved the flow and the great cues.
Question : I had a hard time keeping the tailbone done during the Foot Work (The whole time) and The Tower Press (at the beginning and end of the move). Any suggestions?
Look forward to doing, and teaching, this often.
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