Class #842

Mat Workout

40 min - Class


Note: For safety reasons, Michael and Ton (and PA) ask you to please watch their short tutorial of the 5 seldom taught exercise variations that will be used in this class at least one time prior to taking this class. Click here to watch the Tutorial.

Let the journey begin! Michael and Ton bring us an advanced Mat class. This class should challenge you but you are always invited to take another path on the journey and modify where necessary. You'll get to practice all your favorites like scissors and bicycle, plus Michael and ton offer up some vintage variations that aren't often performed like the Wide leg Open Leg Rocker.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, I'm tone. I'm Michael. So advanced mat you who um, it's gonna be challenging. So first of all, but like we always said, honor your body, you know, so you know your body best that might get two exe...

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woweekazowee !! Thank You for the Monday "Wake Up" call
Challenging fo tru meh sons (Michael & Ton)
Yowza...thank you. I'm still awestruck by the control balance. Someday, I pray! Loved - leg circles, arms in spine stretch forward, hands in back pockets, rising sun for side bend, and the standing twist at the of that one? Atlas? Shot put pose?

very boring class, not worth doing
That was a great class. Just what I needed after all the Thanksgiving indulgence.
Love your combined creative energy! Thank you!
Found my weak areas!!
More Of Michael and Ton please.
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Usually love these guys...form seemed sooo lacking! Faster doesn't always translate into advanced.
Great teaching from these two and really enjoyed getting my advanced class one teaches it where I live. Also, great to let everyone know to take alternatives where needed, such an important message for Pilates.
Thank you both
Yo guys rock! :)
I liked the boomerang variation. And I agree that faster doesn't translate to advanced. Kept up but didn't get the connection b/c of speed.
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