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Mat Workout

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Jenna Zaffino joins Pilates Anytime with an Intermediate Fletcher Mat class. Based on the Classical exercises, with what Ron called "goesinta" (transitions from one exercise to the next that help to maintain flow), this class will have you touching all parts of your mat and your body.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hello, my name is Jen is a fino welcome. Today we're going to be going through a Fletcher Mat class a that would be categorized in the intermediate advanced area of movement. Um, a couple of things th...


This class is fabulous !! Thank you, thank you, thank you Jenna :)
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Generally. any device that goes into any other device. An electric plug goes into a wall outlet, a light bulb goes into a socket. The plug and the light bulb are "gazintas". An example in conversation might be:
"What's THAT?" "I dunno, I think it's a gazinta of some sort." Also used in mathematics when discussing division. Example: 4 gazinta 8 twice.
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Thank you so much. Sharing lots of this in my sessions this week and credited Mr Fletcher during it. I love the transitions, the variations on 100s breathing, sgl leg stretch, dbl leg stretch, swan the magnets...breath is fuel. And especially love "because it (the exercise) deserves another chance". Thank you thank you thank you!
Thank you Jennifer! It was a great joy to teach this work and play with some variations! Joni- this is so interesting - we usually spell it "goesinta" as in "one thing goes into another" I love the different definitions to the word - I think there is a definite metaphor in the plug and socket idea. Ron spoke about "plugging into your spirit" to gather up the energy in the movement. Thank you also Deborah! Stay tuned for barrework coming soon!
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Thank you Jenna! Great flow and rhythm! Really liked your baby swan prep with wrist flex and palms to ceiling on lift!
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HI Jenna, i just took your class, it was great to take a Fletcher class !!I feel so lonely in France !! looking forward for the barrework. Thank you :)
Isn't it great that we can connect this way Corinne? Merci pour regarder ma classe, je l'espère vous voir à la Conférence Fletcher en mai!
Thank you Bonnie! So nice to meet you at the PMA!

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holy mother of gazintas, batman! do I know that I just worked! whatta class! thank you, Jenna!
Thanks Miriam - I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
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