Exercise #1462

Spine Stretch

2 min - Exercise


Muscle Focus: Abdominals and Hamstrings.

Objective: Spinal Articulation and Hip Extensor Strength.

Start Position: Sitting tall through spine, straighten legs on Mat shoulder distance apart, feet flexed. Arms reach forward, parallel to the Mat with palms facing down.

Movement: Exhale as you roll forward through the spine, drawing the abdominals in, and keeping the arms parallel to the Mat. Inhale as you roll up, stacking the spine to return to start position.

Precautions: Sit evenly onto the pelvis throughout, keeping arms shoulder level and shoulder-width apart, and preventing hte shoulders from rounding forward into the chest.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Jan 01, 2011
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Now let's take a look at the exercise called Spine Stretch Forward. The purpose of the exercises is to stretch the spine. Major muscles you'll be working are you abdominals again. So let's set you up. And you'll have your legs extended.

Mat width apart. You may notice in doing this, if it doesn't feel extremely comfortable to sit up-- as Kristi is-- with a nice upright spine and legs straight, if you bend your knees you may notice it feels a little bit better. Play with that. Eventually your legs will extend. We want flexed feet.

Imagine there's a wall right here, and you're pushing through your heels. Starting with the arms shoulder level and shoulder width-- very important. So you want to work really very dynamically through this frame-- arms and legs. Breathe in and try to sit as tall as you can through your back. As you exhale, you're working articulation of the spine.

So the head will go, the upper back will go. You're stretching your spine forward. Keeping your abdominals-- again, there's the strengthening-- pulled in and back toward the hips. Stretching forward, pulling back. And then restack your spine.

You're coming back up to the start position. We're going to do about five of these. Inhale, sit as tall as you can. Blow that air out. Squeeze and strengthen your abdominals.

Go for the spine stretch and sitting evenly on your pelvis and rolling up. Sit a little taller, exhale. Notice how nicely she's got the feet flexed. The arms are up shoulder level. They're shoulder width.

She's stretching all the way forward. You may not get your head that low to the mat initially. Work toward getting it that low. But notice also she's staying seated evenly on the pelvis. Something to watch for and feel for.

And restack, shoulders stay low. Let's go one more time. So play a game with yourself. How much can you stretch? By contracting your stomach feel strong and stretched.

And roll yourself back up. Lower your arms, and you have finished the Spine Stretch Forward.


Cindy A
Thank you for this video - so well articulated!! I'm studying the precision of each exercise. I would love it if I were able to select Pilates exercises to compile into a 20 to 30-minute mat routine. Perhaps I simply form a playlist? I would also love to see more of these fundamental Pilates exercises in these short clips. Thank you!

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