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Prenatal Modified Chest Lift

2 min - Exercise


Foundation Exercise

Muscle Focus: Abdominals Objective: Strengthen Abdominals
What You'll Need: Mat

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Jul 17, 2010
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So we're going to start today with a modified chest lift exercise. Generally when we're pregnant into the latter part of our pregnancy, generally 20 weeks or after, we want to avoid lying supine for an extended period of time. But if we were taking a class and we wanted to still join in the chest lift, chest lift with rotation type exercises, we have some modifications that you can do in your pregnancy. You can still enjoy a little bit of the range of motion, a little bit of the correct muscle activation here. So Riley, you're going to start for me with sitting nice and extended up in your spine, fingers interlaced behind the head. So we're gonna start with extended legs here with flex feet if you really prefer to have your pee feet point of view can as well.

But I feel that the flex fee kind of helped the anchor by driving the heels down. So we're going to take the breath in and with the X-ITE you're going to kind of hollow the abdominal wall. So you're going to slight posterior tilt, slight lumbar fluxion. You're going to hold here. So really squeezing through the adductors. Inhale, you're going to extend your spine up on a diagonal. Then exhale, you're going to hollow drawing the abdomen and try to hook underneath the rib cage. Inhale, you lift. Then exhale mimicking that sense of flection in the spine that you get when you do the chest lift and exhale. Now if it's getting a little too hard for stabilization, go ahead and, and, and how you can simply just bend your knees and you can repeat the same action and inhale.

And then when the XL find that deep curve and then when you're finished, you just articulate back up to the sitting position and that is a modified chest lift sitting as opposed to lying supine for pregnancy.


Jamie H
Thank you for the informative video.
This is a great idea. To you think that this would be safe for post natal diastasis recti?

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