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PMA Legacy Project Launch
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Special 1327

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Dear Kristi, I am looking forward to watch all of the 30 interviews. All of you are doing such an important work! It is great to bring all the history and information to one platform. Great idea, great job and thank you so much offering it to the whole pilates world.
bid hug from germany :)
So excited to learn and grow in my pilates knowledge through watching these videos. This is such important work to preserve and document- and I am thrilled that you are allowing us to be a part of this great history.
I'm so glad to read your enthusiasm! The history is so fascinating and a great way to understand our place in it!
Such a great offering. So true, the history is very interesting and is part of what makes Pilates so unique.
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Agreed Elayne.....our history is imperative and this Legacy Project is unlike any other documentation out there (in my opinion). Where else are we seeing and reading so many accounts of our lineage? And there's more to come!!!

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