Standing Workout
Portia Page
Class 2597

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Loved it. So relaxing - just need more air in my ball, lol, thank you!
Loved this class! Haven’t done a class like this before, was creative and fun! Thank you Portia :)
WOW!! What a terrific and fun Balance Ball workout music working the entire body in an efficient invigorating way...a tremendous amount of movements in 30 minutes! Thank you, Portia.
Big swim today so lovely easy stretch, thank you!
Loved it!! I would like more workouts like this , specially with the ball !
Great workout, creative and fun thank you!
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great after sitting most of the day!
That was awesome! Perfect for a quick lunchtime workout. I'd love to see a 45 or 60 min version of that!
Ahh thank you....especially loved the balance work at the beginning and the many mermaid variations!!! And the Teaser legs over the ball as the transition to the other side. Thank you
This was fun and overall very good to my body, especially the hips!
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