HIIT Mat Fusion
Jeremy L. & Cara R.
Class 3579

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Great class! I love the variety of the different exercises! Thanks to Cara and Jeremy! What a great initiative to donate to the Trevor Project! Well done!
Thanks, Birgit ! Glad you enjoyed it!
Love this class!!!!!! Amazing initiative 🙏🏼 and great workout❣️❣️❣️
Love this! Thank you!
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Lots of fun, I like the variety of exercises
Really great class. Such fun and a good cause. I'm always inspired by new ideas and the energy from your instructors. You all do a great job. Sarah
Thanks to everyone who has watched the class so far! We really appreciate your support!
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Very good! More please PA
Really great class ..Perfect workout to start a cold snowy morning in Chicago :) Thank you Jeremy and Cara !!!
Thanks for the feedback, Jessica and Deborah Wasko ! Glad you enjoyed the class!
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