Magic Circle Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 4023

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Thank you for the class. And, my apologies as I don't know if it is my level/experience, but I found some of the instruction confusing and the counting (or lack thereof) frustrating. Perhaps I am just used to Tracy Mallett.  
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Loved this class ... thank you xx

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WOW! This class was amazing!
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made it to 48 minutes. great class. so much love to my legs!! I LOVE  working with the magic circle! Thank you for this class.  I will be back to this one. 
tremor of truth all over!  Love it thanks so much xx
Really enjoyed some innovative circle positioning; will use the circle between arches as a stabilizer in several applications going forward!   Thanks!
WHOW What a great class
really felt like a private class! incredible workout to strengthen those important muscles that have atrophied a bit during two months of quarantine :(  I am going to add many of these exercises to my regular routine. I also LOVE Monica's thoughtful cueing and her lovely demeanor. The only suggestion, and it's a tiny one, is to pause just a beat or two on transitions. The magic circle gets away from me often, and I don't have anyone to retrieve it for me at home! 
Great class and cuing! It has me sweating.
This is a really wordy class that lacks tempo. 20 minutes in and I was too bored to watch the rest.
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