A Pilates Memorial for his Hometown (Blog)

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I live close to Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach (each 25 km away). Happy to help if help is needed. I am a student of Mario Alfonso and Miriam Friedrich Honório. Mario, as you might remember, was one of the trainer at the last Pilates Day in Mönchengladbach.

Hopefully I will be able to meet you this time in Mönchengladbach, since last time I unfortunately catched a cold. Lucky me, I still was able to get one of the T-Shirts from this day with your autograph

Kindest regards, Reiner
Dearest Lolita,

I just read your blog on Pilates Anytime regarding your efforts to erect a memorial site for beloved Joseph Pilates. I am thrilled to be a part of this mission in anyway, shape and form. Please keep me updated with the progress of the non-profit organization that you are creating for this wonderful call. Thank you for initiating such a profound cause.

Best reagrds,

Lisa Clayton-Hubbard
Rhythm Pilates™ Founder
BASI Pilates® Faculty
Hi Lolita,
I am testing out you Pilates Anytime as a practising physio in Australia. My son, Peter and his fiance, Jutta live in Rottenburg on the Neckar River as Pete is studying Sustainable Energy there. They are expecting their first baby in 3 weeks. Jutta's home town is in Aalen. They plane to raise thier family somewhere around that vicinity. We visited them there in October and hope to return in June to see the little girl. My question is how close you are to that area and is there a good studio that you could recommend around Rottenburg? Also, in Aalen there was a wonderful resort at the Ramada Hotel with hot springs etc, any near there??
Linda Chee
Regards, Linda Chee

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