Fun and Flowing Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 959

Fun and Flowing Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 959

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Amazing class! Thank you
Stanislava  I LOVE your hair!!
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Nice way to wake up the body on a Friday morning! Appreciated the back extension thrown in during the Spine Stretch and Roll Up to offset the flexion right away instead of waiting for the prone extension block at the end (which was also nice!)
Ivan Z thank you for your detailed feedback!! I always love it.
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One of my favorite classes! Just love the flow and pace. Very nice on a Sunday afternoon post spin class. Thank you! 
Lacey M an oldie!!
Tanya P
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A-mazing! Thank you!
Tanya P thank you so much!  These older class will be archived soon.
You can save to favorites if you want to revisit it again.
Tanya P
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Oh!  thank you Meredith Rogers for the heads up!  I'm new to PA and there are soooo many oldies but goodies like this one! i've saved this to my favorites. :) 
Tanya P of course and thank you for going back to the older classes!!
Any you find that don't have great lighting but you like, you should save.
Welcome to PA
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