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Special 1053

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Thanks for the tour Amy. Absolutely beautiful studio and wow for the location! One day I will visit!
Hi Sandra.....it is a magical place indeed....really hope you can come visit one day! :)
Myriam Kane
Beautiful! I look forward to visiting some day,, thanks for the tour!
Thank you Myriam...hope you can come see us in person!!
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Thanks for the tour! A few days after watching the tour I gave birth to my son. During the labor I imagined being at the studio watching the ocean to help me endure all the pain. The tour carried my through the process together with a breathing pattern I learned from Leah's prenatal class. Pilates Anytimes is magic!
Anna.....what a lovely story!!! Incredible and we are so glad we were a small part of that beautiful day for you! Congratulations on the birth of your son and make sure to connect with Leah to share this with her as well!
Anna, that is one of the greatest stories I've heard since starting PA. Thank you, and congratulations!!
Beautiful studio and location!!! I hope to visit you there some day : )
We hope so too Jessica!
Elaine S
Absolutely Stunning studio and so wonderful to be able to see it! Thank you! 😀
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