Tower Challenge<br>Brett Howard<br>Class 1184

Tower Challenge
Brett Howard
Class 1184

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Always enjoy Brett's teaching. His nice demeanor and smiles always make Pilates fun no matter how hard the move is. Loved especially the abdominal series sequence with the ball behind the upper back.
Deliciously brutal! A favourite teacher of mine, Brett always delivers a merciless but great and insightful workout full of little tricks to check alignment, balance and strength. Would love more tower workouts with Brett. Thanks
Sally D
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Great class, however I would have liked to do some Back extensions. I was pretty exhausted with all those spine flexions.
Robin S
Bravo!!! so subtle so hard~ I am sure I will feel this all day! Thank you great class 
Kelly J
This one will give you the shakes after...need my protein shake ASAP, hahaha!
Awesome class, thanks!
28 minute mark, Brett asks for arm springs. I can’t tell long yellow or short?
Also 46 minute mark. Short arm springs or long yellow? Thank you
Marchel A
Jo L Brett uses Gratz equipment which doesn’t have colored springs with different resistance. Short arm springs may work for you. 
Thank you 
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