Total Body Wunda Chair
Meredith Rogers
Class 1326

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Shara S next time I make a chair class I will make sure to keep that in mind.
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Really great basics clear cues and generally lonGer feeling relaxed after this class thanks - do you use the bAsi block system in order to choreograph  or do you just go with the flow?
Great to hear Elizabeth D. In general, when teaching on the equipment I try to stick to the basi block system but I do give myself permission to mix it around a bit with the intention of flow but always keeping in mind to work the whole body.
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I just discovered this gem - great variations, especially of the pikes! Can you please do more chair classes in the future? I love the chair, and I love your classes!!!
Gisela G I will keep your request in mind for when I get back to filming.
Thanks for moving with me!
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Great class! Precise cueing! Lovely voice! Perfect execution! Thank you very much!!! Please do more chair classes!!! Especially the basic ones. Because your basic classes burn so nicely!😉 I love them!
Barbara L I hope to make another one soon!!
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