Imagery-Focused Mat
Brent Anderson
Class 1384

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Brent Anderson Thank you so much. That was such a great class. I feel very anchored and supported in my body. I habitually focus on the reach, length, and growth of my movement but this change in your cues to focus on movement through the organs instead of the muscles really adjusted my perspective on stability, anchoring, and support. I loved it.
Hi Brent, thank you very much! For the first time I could do Rolling like a ball with the straight legs! I also liked your variation with a song in Roll up.
I liked your lesson very much!
Brilliant! Imagining organs moving was a completely different somatic experience as was adding sound. More videos from him, please
Came back to this class as COVID recovery. It felt so good to move and feel like I’m nourishing my body from the inside!
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