Challenging Tower Variations
Melissa Connolly
Class 1385

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Loved it!! Especially the oblique work at the end!
Really enjoyed this class. Cant wait until I can do those pushups!
This was my first class with you Melissa, and by far the best tower class I've taken on PA. Thank you so much!!!!! I still can't believe you cued and worked out at the same time. It was so challenging! WOW!
Wonderful Tower class, thank you!
I just did this class maybe for the third time.... really challenging. Great cueing! Thank you, Melissa.
KICK ASS!!! sincerely one of my favorite tower workouts EVER!!! Thank you for that!! 
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I just came across this class, it’s AMAZING!! Thank you Melissa x
Just found this amazing class!  Feel completely energised for the weekend.
Amazing! Love the classical style with fun variations to keep it fresh and inspiring. Melissa is the best!
this was such great class
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