Foam Roller Workout
Amy Havens
Class 1380

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This was awesome!
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I love this class! It’s been a while but this class is even better than I remembered. Thank you!
Jessica Roxana so glad you enjoyed this one!!!  
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Amy Havens This was a great strong but doable all body workout.  I really enjoyed it!  Thanks!
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I love your workouts. This one was amazing!
Thank you so muchsupmartha !  And Wendy  -- I'm so happy you enjoy my classes and teaching!  Happy Pilates Day gals!
Amy, I've been under lockdown for months all for the good. Florence Italy is now in a safe place. The major part of lockdown had Benn at compute Zooming. Foam roller workouts are always therapeutic but yours stands out for its clever use of encouraging mobility and the illuminaton of the rollerblade mechanism.
Hello Christine Herring  --- I really want to thank you for leaving this comment!  It's so clear that you had really understood and dropped into the detail of my cuing and imagery.  Thank you so much.  I too, have been on lockdown and rely heavily on getting on my small props on the Mat!   Thank you for moving along with me!
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