Assessment for Scoliosis<br>Madeline Black<br>Tutorial 1125

Assessment for Scoliosis
Madeline Black
Tutorial 1125

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I see some instructors and physical therapist pad the hollow side. What do you think about the technique filling the hollow gap Madeline? Great video. Thank you
Madeline Black
Hi Lisa Marie, The filling the hollow gap rather then the side that is dropped, facilitates a relaxation of tension of the spine. It is an indirect technique for release. Propping what is dropped, as shown in the video is more corrective to the tissue. It provides an active or more direct way to change the tone in the tissues. Be sure it always feels great!
Thank you this was really informative! I have just learned that I have scoliosis so I found this video very helpful for myself, and to put into practice when teaching =)
Thank you Madeline for explaining and assessing so clearly. Really helpful!
That is so helpful, thank you so much! I'm off to buy larger hand towels now!
i was intrigued why the padding goes to the tissue that is already prominent and did not understand how that would facilitate relaxing the hollow less developed side. In my mind that elevation would just increase the gap between the already hollow side and the surface the person is lying on.( I was influenced by restorative yoga in that thinking.)
I see the explanation from Madeline herself here and definitely will try out this less obvious option. thank you for sharing the information.
Madeline Black
Hi Copycat, I am happy to answer. The restorative way is a nice option to ease discomfort in the body. I reference this as a non-direct way to approach it. It is very effective. The other way, propping the prominent sides from the top to bottom, allows the spine to move toward center. You must do all three or four areas, not one so that the whole spine unwinds. By doing all the areas, you are not increasing a gap. Alway address the individual, one way is not appropriate for all. There are many factors to be mindful of with the person, such as age and health condition. The propping is super effective for those with a soft tissue imbalance as well. 
Heather Shaw/Heather Shaw
Thank you so much for this video!  I am in teacher training and have scoliosis.  Using it as my Special Pop project.  Very helpful.  I am excited to add some cloths to my personal practice.  
Question, can the cloth propping method be utilized for reformer work as well? I personally find difficulty when doing open chain, long lever work-lower right curve (lumber impacts s1). Thank you.
Hi Madeline, Just now finished your scoliosis workshop and am taking it all in after only one viewing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. On the note of rehabilitation for scoliosis, are you familiar with the Schroth Method and if so, what are your thoughts about it, please? All my best, Malene 
Madeline Black
Hi Marlene, thanks for your question. Yes, The Schroth Metod is probably as old as Pilates, they were both working around the same time period. I cannot comment on this method. There are plenty of resources, books and online information on this method if you wish to investigate more. Best.
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