Fundamental Reformer 1<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 1277

Fundamental Reformer 1
Karen Sanzo
Class 1277

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That was such a great class. I certainly felt connected, and I understood more the relationship of the body to the reformer which is often overlooked. I loved all the cues and feedback!
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Love this lesson and  Karen's cueing.  Great tips for everyone.  The ABC focus is such a great suggestion.  As students flow a little faster with footwork later is it better to elongate the breathe, so it is not quick in and out?  What breath pattern do you recommend if moving faster with control in Footwork? Can you inhale for one press and pull and then exhale for the next press and pull?
Allison S
I think this was one of the very first Pilates anytime classes I did in 2017, and it was so nice to come back to it all these years later. I felt so much longer at the very end! 
Sandra C
Thanks for the great cuing and flow. I have to admit that I would be reluctant to put a new student in a kneeling upright facing forward position until they have more experience... that fall forward can be quite scary! 
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