Reformer Workout
Courtney Miller
Class 1624

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Just did this for the first in a long time. I even had my dowel with the eyelets. Such a great class, thank you!
Excellent dynamics and just plain fun. Thank you.
Love this...perfect for reformer, tower....or Pilatesstick!!! Just need to add some prone work. The sgl strap thank you thank you
Can really appreciate the tremendous creativity! Thank you Courtney
Great workout! I was sweating! Thank you! On the favorites list!
Definitely my summers arms, shoulders and tummy workout.... that wood chopping move really showed up weaknesses in shoulder sides! Big love for your passion x
This is one of favorite classes! Love using the bar like this!
Outstanding class, varied and creative.
didn't like this at all. why use a bar on your feet when you can put your legs in the pilates straps?
Lori F ~ We are sorry that you didn't enjoy this class. We are happy to help you find other classes that you like. Please email us at and we can give you recommendations.
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