Your Primal Tensegrity Body
Wendy L.
Class 1720

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Thank you, Kayleigh! When we begin to see beyond an "exercise in Pilates" to how the body moves within the gravitational field, we are freed to discover our true nature and our relationship with all of nature...the way we moved as children! I would also like to suggest that, rather than speaking of this as "biomechanics", which is the study of "body as machine"...what Katy Bowman and I are teaching is more about "biointelligence" ... the body as a living process in relationship with the natural world. It's important to update the language! xwendy
Biomechanics --> Biointelligence

I really appreciate that refinement of language, Wendy! Mostly because you provided definitions of what each mean to you in this context.

I also like to encourage myself and others to tap into and trust our own "innate biointelligence" to match the level of conceptual understanding that's coming at us from teachers and books and classes and various interpretations of how we move.

The process of learning is a continuous unfolding unique to each of our journeys so it's nice to have this forum to share
I liked your different approach; thank you
Thank you, Cigdem, I really appreciate your feedback, and would love to hear what was valuable for you.  When I introduced this class 5 years ago on Pilates Anytime,  my intention was to open a dialog with practitioners about the HUGE difference it is to shift from perceiving ourselves as "biomechanical machines to be trained and fixed"... to "biointelligent organisms who KNOW how to self-heal, self-organize and adapt"...when we learn how to LISTEN!   Approaching our body as a living process that is "shaping" itself at every moment....changes how we move, relate to ourselves and to one another!
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.  As I age my body is forgetting those connections.  They will wake up again, I know. In this lock down time the spirals, which I love and have allowed to dim, are so important.
Thank you so much, Cynthia!  You are so right that we never lose our spiralic potential, because they are based on embryonic spiralic forces that form our body in the womb, which allow us to self-heal and self-regulate till the day we die.   We  just get caught in habits that restrict us.   Keep practicing the embodied movements that I am encouraging and you will be amazed how fluid your body will become...We're moving beyond exercising to energizing!  Take care! xx
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