Active Hamstring Stretch<br>Amy Havens<br>Tutorial 1800

Active Hamstring Stretch
Amy Havens
Tutorial 1800

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Hi Raul....I'm very happy to hear that this Active Hamstring Stretch worked for you and you felt the benefits...wonderful!! For mobility of the back of the legs.....more active stretches like this, foam rolling works too, for arabesques----I enjoy battements and find the looser I think of keeping my legs...the better and more free I feel (think less of contracting muscles while swinging...just let things go). Any suggestions for center I don't, I wasn't every really good at those either! Reformer stretches, Cadillac walk overs and some stretches with the leg springs, Ladder Barrel too. :)
I am confused. I was taught active stretching was contracting the agonist muscle. Therefore, if actively stretching the hamstring, you need to be contracting your hip flexors into flexion. I was taught what you are doing is a form of PNF contract/ relax release. Contracting the muscle you are trying to release. Your scissor exercise you were stating to pull into your hand which was on the posterior side of your leg, which contracts the hamstrings, I agree pulling the leg forward with your hand is passive. Pulling the leg forward without your hands and using your hip flexors would be active. (Is what I was taught) Did I misunderstand you? Can you please use references? Thanks,
Sarah....when I had my hands on the back / posterior side of my leg, I was not pulling---I was pushing or pressing my femur into my hands, guiding my leg away from my torso. I was actively working my hamstrings, moving my leg towards hip extension. I was not trying to contract my hip flexors at any point. Perhaps it's a matter of wording.
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Great explanation on passive & active stretching of hamstrings, thank you!
Really great tutorial, Amy! Got some really great insights! May I please suggest a video? Would you consider doing an all stretching video? I've been searching on here and cannot find a full body stretch video. Maybe one that would be useful for after a jumpboard or athletic reformer session. Or one that would be useful to people who don't consider themselves "flexible" and have been inactive and are looking to regain mobility? (or both!!) Thanks for your time and I appreciate your consideratrion. I'm such a fan of yours since I've joined PA :)
Thank you so much I really needed a good hamstring stretch and it really helped :)
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