Release Tension Patterns<br>Mary Bowen<br>Workshop 1710

Release Tension Patterns
Mary Bowen
Workshop 1710

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Yeong Cheol C
Your motion cue is good too.
And a number of exercises, Thank you very much for giving out.
Incredible. So grateful for this!
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I love the part when you talk about body and mind, how one can't get connected to the body trough the mind only. I think we sometimes tend to concentrate so much on control in Pilates and making the precise movement, that we forget the concentration but the type of concentration that will help us feel our bodies and just be in them, and when we learn how to be inside our bodies, to let them loose.
Great points and beautiful comparations.
Daniela C
This is so inspiring, thank you so much!
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If only I could wake up and listen to Mary every day for the rest of my life!
I have been searching online for where I can buy the Eggballs, but haven't been able to find anyone that ships to the USA... any suggestions? Thanks!
Really fascinating and so many 'nuggets' of wisdom here; I couldn't stop yawning. I think that's telling me something!! Thank you Maryx
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