Healthy at Any Age<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1981

Healthy at Any Age
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1981

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Justine J
Niedra, I teared up when Shirley said, “This feels like an exercise that I could do every day,” and then you shared the story of the lady who threw her walker away. I’m a student teacher in training, have worked with my 85-year old mother, and can attest to the benefits of Pilates for the senior population. Beautiful to see her body respond to your clear cueing. And Shirley, your posture visibly improved and your tummy got flatter in that one hour! Very inspiring. ❤️
Melissa D
I know this is an older video, but I'm just now watching it. This is why I love Pilates! The changes that we as instructors can make in people's lives is amazing! I truly love watching this!
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