Legs In Straps<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Exercise 1950

Legs In Straps
Sarah Bertucelli
Exercise 1950

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Great tutorial and I agree that Sarah is brilliant! I have a question, is there ever a point/reason where you should increase springs, or is this just an exercise that is always done on the two springs you start on? Thanks.
Hi Lori, Apologies for the delayed response. Somehow I missed this message. In general, I do not increase spring load for hip work when feet are in straps. Having said that, if it feels like a good idea for you to try with heavier spring, you should play with how it feels and go from there. Keeping the spring on the light side challenges stability in a certain way, but a heavier spring would change the challenge. I am always up for playing with the movement. Have fun
Taghrid K
I just loved this!! Great detailed explanations and loved the cues. Thank you Sarah and definitely agree with Kristi Brilliant indeed
Cass H
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Very useful
wonderful Cass !
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