Rhythm Pilates®<br>Lisa Hubbard<br>Class 2273

Rhythm Pilates®
Lisa Hubbard
Class 2273

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Elaine S
My second class by Lisa today and I am absolutely hooked on her classes and it's only my first day on Pilates Anytime.  Her technique, teaching method and motivation is first class.  She is such an inspiration . Lisa I'm your new groupie 😂😀😂
Sandra F
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Thank you so much Lisa!! I love it!!
Lisa Hubbard
Sandra so happy you enjoyed this class! It certainly kept my brain and body working in unison appreciate your comments very much. 🙏
Florence P
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Thanks Lisa, the class was just what i needed this morning at 6.30am to wake up my full body with fluid motion using breathing and space.-)
Lisa Hubbard
florence so wonderful for me to hear that you woke up to this class on PA and started you day with me! Happy you enjoyed it and felt fluidity and space in the body.  
Angie C
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My favorite class!! Love it!!
Lisa Hubbard
Angie C  Can I pin this comment/ experience to the top?! Beyond honored Angie, thank you, you just made this lady very happy! It is a very special class made with some very dear friends, one demonstrating on the left 💕 The legendary Christine Baltes 
Irene N
This class is flowing yoga; not pilates.    I want pilates classes from Pilates Anytime
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