One Lung Breathing<br>Deborah Lessen<br>Tutorial 2480

One Lung Breathing
Deborah Lessen
Tutorial 2480

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Thank you Deborah for the wonder tutorial for spinal imbalances. My scoliosis clients will so appreciate this! I really want to thank you and Niedra for great cueing and body movements. It was so helpful to "see" when the lateral shift took place instead of the lift to the side in the sitting position. That is real life so glad you didnt edit that out to appear "perfect" Value the authentic movements to help correct. I would love more please.
Deborah is a wonderful teacher and these simple movements are so complex and essential for progressions. She always focusses on creating a stable starting point. Love all of her videos.
I have a client with S curve scoliosis. Do I do one lung breathing on both sides or just the one with the concavity? Deb
Hi Debbie- yes, have your client do both sides, preferably the convex side up first. The goal is to balance lung capacity on the 2 sides.
Thank you so much! Very helpful exercises and cues.
Thank you. It was really helpful
Judith H
amazing, Niedra's top even help with the lines making its super visible. 
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