Cardio Jump Board<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 2514

Cardio Jump Board
Mariska Breland
Class 2514

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Hi Marnie - I don't teach weekends, but I do teach a 12:30 p.m. class on Fridays - if you're in town by then, would love to have you!!
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Wowsa. That was great. Thankyou. I had to LOL when you said no breaks as you didn’t believe in them. Haha love it. 👍😊
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My second time doing the class and I loved it even more. So annoyed I couldn't make it work to drop into your studio when in DC. Praying there's a next time. The cueing was bang on loved every minute. MORE MARISKA PLEASE!
Marnie - you'll have to come next time you're in town! I love meeting the PA community!
had forgotten how much fun this class was. thanks, Mariska Breland!
WOW this is the type of class I want to take everyday!!!!! amazing amazing!!!
Hey Mariska! I found this gem! I like classes that go a bit over an hour! Great class, thank you. Hope you are well!
Silvia G
love all your classes 
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