Finding a Lift from Within
Monica Wilson
Class 2539

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Love this class. Couldn’t quite manage to stand up, and my butt is too big to get close to the wall but I’ll persevere!
Love the positive attitude!
Monica Wilson Loving the classes. I’ve been sick the past ten days but am raring to go. Pilates has changed my life and outlook. Just wish you weren’t based on the wrong side of the world!
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I am very satisfied every time at the end of your classes; your cueing is great and easy to understand how to think of the exercises in another angle...My powerhouse is getting more stronger as long as I have started doing beginner series...thank you a lot Monica
Dear Monica,what a great class,
I have two questions:
My observation is I need to keep my feet away from the wall quite a bit (Wall exercises), my lower back is definitely stiff but what I also find is that that in Pilates stance, my glutes are very much engaged so when they are squeezed my glutes and bottom is quite big and feels like the actual flesh keeping me away from the wall as they are sticking out, Hope it makes sense. I am naturally blessed with a big, juicy bottom which is also muscular from athletic training. #so is it possible that because of that I can never reach the wall? I mean I have lots to work on but want to check.
Secondly Neck Pull, it seems to be impossible for me at present. I made great progress with the roll up with your suggestion but so far no matter how much I try my feet are sliding back  at least an inch if not more, and I am stuck on the floor with my  hands behind my back, any suggestions there what to work on etc. 
Thank you so much for your time
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