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Courtney Miller
Class 2580

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Hi Candice! Thank you for working out with me! And thank you for the great question. I feel the most important consideration is your body (or the clients body) and this is unique person to person and day to day. A supported flexion position is generally a safe and effective way to exercise during pregnancy and postpartum. By supported, I mean something behind the spine holding you in that shape (in this class, it was the ball behind my back). Some other options for support could be a spine corrector, an arc, a jumpboard with pillows, a wedge, a short box, or a large ball. The more stable the prop is, and the more vertical the spine is, the less the RA will work to support the shape. Continued in next comment...
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These relatively small adjustments make a very big difference in the muscle activation and exercise experience, so it's important that you play with the props you have to find the best position for your body. It is not advisable to exercise in a supported flexion position during pregnancy if you are experiencing discomfort, pain, abdominal coning (a ridge or bulge in the center of the belly), dizziness, or if you have any condition (gestational or preexisting) that would require a modified position. I hope this is helpful! Please feel free to reach out anytime for additional information. Hugs to you and thanks for being a part of the Pilates Anytime family Xo
i loved the exercise with the ball us a pillow...! actually love the whole program... and i feel nice even im not pregnat.thank you!FAB sension!too many interesting exercises!congratulations!!!!!
I felt SO many muscles wake up after doing this. I am 9 months post partum after my 3rd. Feel like I'll get the strongest I've been in a long time with your workouts and my new balanced body reformer! Yay!
I always love your creativity Courtney
I also appreciate still being challenged with my workouts during pregnancy. Thank you 😊
aaaah mazing abs! this class really engaged my core. love this workout, and will be doing this one regularly during my pregnancy!
Truly thank you!!! I am a pre and post natal corrective exercise specialist (Fit for Birth) but this gave me SO many ideas for my mommies and moms-to-be. Great workout for preggers and not! 
I just joined Pilates Anytime about a month ago, and when I started this workout, I didn't realize it was a pregnancy workout. Holy cow! This was a challenging workout! I will definitely keep this class in my back pocket for future again. Some of the exercises will be "aspirational" for me, but I feel confident I can work up to more reps and execute them properly as I get stronger. Great instructor, and THANK YOU for giving slow, well communicated directions BEFORE we started each movement. 
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