Deep Mind/Body Connection<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 2579

Deep Mind/Body Connection
Courtney Miller
Class 2579

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Cheryl Z
liked the class warmed me up on a cold night in upstate NY
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Hi Courtney,
 I been doing yin yoga. I love working with the Triple Burner Meridian during pregnancy. Upper, middle, and lower burners. That's about processing all the information that's coming at us. Keeping whats useful and letting go of whats not meant for us. Letting go but also being open to what it arising. Holding infinity in the palm of our hand. I really like your workouts because they help me be in the present moment. You can also process emotions by jumping too. I havent been too much of that. It moves the energy out of your body. 

Laura Maria
great class --feels like the right amount of challenge for this point of my pregnancy ! I will be doing this one again!
Great … 😊👍 what a super challenged workout class for a non pregnant person as well 🤪
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