Mat Workout
Tracey Mallett
Class 2652

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Great class. Loved every second of it.
Still so pleased with this class! Tracey, may I ask you to do another class with the overball, maybe one that lasts 60 minutes so that we can profit even more from your energy and nice flow?!
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Tracey Ive only recent discovered your ball classes and I LOVE them! Really appreciate your positive energy and flow! :) More like these please....and maybe also a class with a fit circle? Thanks!
Lovely flow to the lesson and calming energy.  Thank you.
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Lovely class! I hadn't practiced with the ball in a while and had so much fun doing this! Also loved the calming atmosphere and easy-going style while still getting a nice challenge :)
My favourite overball class on PA; give us some more, Tracey!
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Great work!  Loving the soothing voice.
I like all of your workouts! thank you so much. 
Hi Tracey, Which size stability ball would you recommend to purchase, 7", 10" or 12"? 
Julia 10 inch is good but I use all different sizes.
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