Active Prenatal Reformer<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 2698

Active Prenatal Reformer
Courtney Miller
Class 2698

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Courtney Miller
The purpose of the ball is to allow for supported thoracic mobility during footwork - which was so very helpful for me during my pregnancy to reduce tension and pain in my mid and upper spine. The supported flexion also allows you to see and correct any lower body misalignments. Note that the movements of the spine during this workout are all within functional range and mimick movements we do in life (getting dressed, checking a blind spot while driving, loading groceries etc) Since our bodies are all beautifully different and unique during pregnancy (and always ;), you can absolutely customize the work for your individual needs.
Courtney Miller
I also suggest that in addition to your home/solo practice, that you work with a qualified Pilates instructor throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period who can look at your specific needs and provide regular reassessments since your body and needs are rapidly changing. They can guide you with specifics for your body that you can then apply to your online practice. I hope this is helpful! Sending you hugs and love during this very special and magical time! Xx
Courtney Miller
Eleanor sorry, I had to break my response into 3 sections since it was so long 😉
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Thanks for your response. I am a certified Pilates instructor with training in both pre and post natal pilates. I know that we are always learning new things about pregnancy and the "rules" are always changing. I guess I am just not strong enough for your workout!
Courtney Miller
Eleanor Yes, isn't it great to be in a profession that is always evolving!! I do a weekly session or class with fellow pilates trainers in my community and find this so beneficial for my personal practice. It is also so great to get someones "eyes" on me as I move! I actually feel this has been most helpful during my postpartum period as the physical challenges of being a new mum has definitely exacerbated some of my issues (muscle asymmetries, tight hamstrings, dominant hip flexors to name a few) --- but don't get me wrong, being a mama is absolutely the BEST! I am so very excited for you!! Xx
Courtney Miller
Sara Congratulations on your pregnancy! Thank you for working out with me! Wishing you all the best! Xx
I'm kicking myself now having kept this in my queued classes for so long! This is one of your best classes ever and will probably be skipped over for so many that think it is only for pre-natal :( This was SOOOO good in so many aspects and exactly what I needed - a balanced class to get me to slow down and be more precise in my movements. There was NOTHING easy about this class and it's definitely going to be another one of my go-to workouts.
thank you Courtney Miller beautiful work using the baby arc - really loved the footwork series as well as the modified forward lunge into flamingo series - terrific stretch and balance work. Challenging even if you're not pregnant.
Mariam Amer
Amazing and creative workout! not as easy as people would think about prenatal workouts! this one was quite challenging at some parts. I would try this one with my general population clients not just prenatals . I'm 8 months pregnant and my body felt incredible while doing this workout! Million thanks Courtney, you're a brilliant pilates instructor! looking forward for the rest of the series :))))
Not pregnant but loved this workout to open chest and work squats! 
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