Standing Posture
Tom McCook
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Thanks a bunch Tom!
Hi, I have a client with arthritic wrists who has difficulty with 4-point exercises. What would you recommend? I've used the wall and I've tried blocks. Thanks
Hi Jan,
I few options you can try are:
1. Use a wedge for your client so her wrist angle is less with weight bearing.
2. Have her do the exercises on her forearms with a focus on creating a link from her shoulder blades to her abdomen. You could have her rest her forearms on a long box for elevation also. Strengthening her shoulder girdle will help her to create opposition and lift out of her wrists for less pressure and active support. Thanks for your question and all the best to you.
Thanks Tom, I'll be giving these ideas a try. Have a great weekend :)
Attended Toms workshop in London recently, so lovely to see some of that work again and be able absorb more deeply.
A very useful tutorial- the visual aids really help, the tapping is proprioceptive and fun, and the release of tension after only 25 minutes is wonderful. Thanks.
So useful and helpful!
Thanks so much Tom. Loved this class
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Tina B, Thank you for your feedback! Thank you all and wishing continued inspiration, health and vibrancy from your practice!!
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