Core Connection Strength<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 2757

Core Connection Strength
Karen Sanzo
Class 2757

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Thanks again! Excellent class! Really like simple, effective, quick warm up which meets the goals of the work out. Love the theme on doing most exercises 2 arm them 1 arm also with rotation. So different than just doing 1or a couple 1 arm exercises within a workout. My favorite was your variation of single leg round back, extend with arms behind head! My favorite cue was "drip your spine" on semi-circles. Favorite phrase - spinal journey.
Thank you! Great Class!!!
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Thanks so much, loved the class!
John B
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This was such a great and challenging class! Your verbal cues are perfect, esp for that last Front Splits
You are amazing, Karen!
All seems so simple and yet I’m shaking!  Love love love.  Thank you!
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