How Do You Teach?<br>Tom McCook<br>Tutorial 2822

How Do You Teach?
Tom McCook
Tutorial 2822

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I am in the process of completely my diploma in Pilates and I’ve really found this video helpful.
Zeren Joy
All your videos are amazing. God bless you. Thank you for all you share, 
lots of love from Turkey.
PS: Please come to POT in İstanbul!
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So informative! Need to watch this many times! Thanks!
Thank you My N, Jo D, Zeren & DINA M!  I'm really happy to hear you found my path and approach helpful and inspiring. Sending you good vibes and wishing you the very best in your teaching and life
Ellen B
What a gem! This speaks to the heart of why I want to teach. Thank you!
Thank you Ellen! I'm so happy to hear this resonates with you. Keep following what inspires you!
Thank you, Tom. What a wonderful 10 minutes that shared so much. I was in a few classes at PA with you. I enjoyed you then very much and appreciate all you had to say in this "brief but spectacular moment".
Thank you Colleen! I’m very happy to hear that this tutorial was helpful and inspiring. I appreciate your feedback and sending you  my best.
Lisa A
Awesome introduction to client relationships.  I look forward to my first client assessment.  I've learned it's okay to start slowly to have the client grow interest.
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