Strength and Stability
Amy Havens
Class 3030

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Added to favorites! This was so much fun. Loved the use of the band for added strength. Thank you! 
Thank you Lacey M , so glad you enjoyed this class!
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Great class. Being at home and not my studio I didn’t have props. But! A pair of tights and water bottles did the trick 
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I re-did this class today an found it much "easier" ; I think I might do that : complete the challenge then do it all over once more !

Robin S great creativity might I add, wonderful!  And Fabienne R thank you.. yes things can and do get easier!  I'd be thrilled to have you repeat the challenge again.  If you do, I'll look for you and let me know how things go along the way!!
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Great Class! I love it! 
As it’s summer and I have some time before I throw myself back into teaching, I decided to do Amy’s Summer Fling Challenge. I’ve committed myself to doing it every morning for the next 10 days. I’m on day 3 now and it’s such a great way for me to start the day. Thank you Amy for your fresh, challenging and rejuvenating classes. 🦋sarah
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A really good one for strength and stability!
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Love it
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Thank you so much for taking this challenge Kandie A Sarah R  and Eva O !!
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