Spine Corrector Essentials<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3167

Spine Corrector Essentials
Meredith Rogers
Class 3167

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a newbie to the spine corrector as well! great class, thank you. can I ask please, my extension is shocking, do I still stay deep into the well, or should I slide my up onto the lip? thank you!
Jenny if you can, stay in the well.  If that doesn't feel good fo your body feel free to make adjustments for your comfort!
Melanie Adele  H
Lovely. Very straight forward but effective. I feel I have been worked in every direction. An excellent class particularly for the desk bound. 
Melanie Adele H great to hear!! Gotta get up and away from the desk.  
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Such a short and sweet class! Definitely essentials that make my body feel energized. Thank you Meredith xx
Maryliz P my pleasure my friend!!
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Fun with Meredith again today! Yay!
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Did this oldie, but goodie at 7:30 this morning before teaching and it was perfect. Thank you! 
Lacey thank you for revisiting the older classes.  So glad you liked it!!
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