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Amy Havens
Class 3196

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Hi Amy, Love all of you’re work on PA but this one knocked it out of the park. Always looking for great variations for my tower classes. Used these exercises in this morning’s tower class for my actively aging women and they loved it! Forget just active agers, I’m going to use these exercises with my younger clients too! More of this please:)
Hi Joyce Dev   --- that you so much for this comment!  Yes, these exercises are good for just about anyone, aging or not -- but aren't we all aging?!!  The balance work and some of the PNF exercises are my favorites.  What did you specifically find useful for yourself and your clients, would be curious to hear.  :)
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Love this class. Exactly what I needed after taking several months off. 
Wonderful Mary !!
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Thanks so much for your inspiring ideas, I got so much from this  :)
Hi Nisha , thank you for watching/taking class and I'm happy it gave you some inspiration!
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LOVE, LOVE!! Thank you so very much! Love the creativity & functionality!
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Thank you so much Michelle !!!  I've been teaching this type of programming for years and all my 'active aging' gals truly love the exercises, the functionality and the challenges.  Let me know how your clients like them!
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