Pilates for Equestrians<br>Julie Driver<br>Tutorial 3275

Pilates for Equestrians
Julie Driver
Tutorial 3275

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I began taking Pilates 10 years ago and within three weeks my trainer said to me “whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it”. My shoulders were more relaxed, my seat deeper, my hands and legs quieter. Since then I’ve moved to Sacramento from New Hampshire, become comprehensively certified through Balanced Body and started training with Lyn Moe in the new discipline of Cowboy Dressage. My dream is also to bring Pilates to riders to enhance their skills and better communicate with their horses. Thanks for leading the way!
I also have a husband that does not need Pilates - so there are 2 people in the world!!! I also let children get in the way and I also put dreams aside...welcome to life. The important thing is that you are out there now and inspiring others along the way. Thank you and looking forward to learning from you. (I am NOT a horse rider, but I am eager to learn for some of my clients)
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