Advanced Student Commentary<br>Deborah Lessen<br>Class 3254

Advanced Student Commentary
Deborah Lessen
Class 3254

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Loved the class Deborah and Peter! One of my favorites✨
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how do we contact DL for scheduling privates? I am a teacher in CT
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Beautiful to watch, so much to learn, thank you!
Sally Anderson
Pure love for this woman and her work. And for Pilates Anytime for keeping us connected across the world. And for Peter’s beautiful work and gorgeous personality. Gave me a very joyous start to the morning here down under thank you all 😊
Thank you so much Deborah and Peter! This was so so so amazing to watch. I learned so much as a fairly new Pilates instructor. Mind blowing! 
wish I could see a beginning version of this... the things we'd actually be teaching!!! that being said this was very beautiful 
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