Day 3: Balance<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3269

Day 3: Balance
Meredith Rogers
Class 3269

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Christiane F
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Just perfect! Perfect amount of energy and lot of effect!
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Day 3 so good. I’m always amazed that I’m actually doing the movements! When I first started I was like lead/ steel on the mat. Now I’m actually bending in both directions. The Consistency of taking classes is a real game changer. I’m loving how I feel. 🙏 thank you
LInAnne I'm really enjoying following your journey through this.  It usually takes me a minute to respond but thank you for sharing your experience. I appreciate it so much.
Sue S
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Lovely class, thank you Meredith Rogers !
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thank you
Thanks gals!!
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Enjoyable Class... Thanks Again Meredith:) 
Always a pleasure, Gary M, thanks for being here!
Ingrid H
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Thanks! Great class!
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