Barre and Floor Work Flow
Tracey Mallett
Class 3376

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Thank you Tracey! Would love more like this.
I like the way you used a chair as I don't have a barre at home. I probably would not have tried it if there was a barre.
I love how you encourage us, fun, hard, a great change from mat, thank you.
No one works you out like Tracey !!! Love your workouts xx
great class! thank you
Tracey, I love this Class, your energy is fantastic. Combining the BASI´s blocks with the Barre´s discipline (which I do not domine) is really great. I enjoy so much your classes. Thanks!
This is such a TERRIFIC class, you have such a cheerful way of teaching, I love your personality coming through loud and clear, and I love how you break into singing! The movements and sequence are interesting and a nice change from the regular Pilates work. THANK YOU
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