Athletic Reformer Layering
Erika Quest
Class 3535

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Sweet Beth SO glad you enjoyed and have fun teaching your students too! Much love, Erika
I’ve been waiting all excited to open the video like a Christmas present under the tree! Finally managed to take the class with you and it was challenging but FAB. I’ll be sprinkling some Erika dust onto my future clients in class!
One quick question- for those newish clients who tend to over recruit the trapezius when doing arm work, would you recommend a lighter theraband? Your London BFF Sara xx
Sara YEAH, girl! I love it and my London BFF for sure. On the Thera weight, a green can definitely get challenging. Lighten it up for sure. Go down to a red or yellow no problem and that should help them, but it will make it a bit harder for them to go up into a teaser position as well. Hugs and love, Erika
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Wow! Enjoyed your creative work. Class went by fast. Great workout. Took your Wunda chair class yesterday and had to take another class by you today. Hope to see more of you!
Pat so great to hear from you and glad you found my classes! This was a super fun one to shoot and DO along with you. So much love, Erika
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LOVED it 👏👏👏
SWEEEEEEET! Thank you Petra and much love, Erika
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Erika Quest you are AMAZING! LOVED everything about this class ♥️
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Brigette YOU ARE AMAZING for taking class with me. Thank you and much love, Erika
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Loved this class. I am currently in teacher training and took a lot of notes to use in one of my class creations. Thanks!
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