Gait Patterning
Madeline Black
Workshop 3568

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This is awesome thank you! 
Great class, just wondering if client has SIJ disfunction  would this exacerbate their problem?
Thanks you so much and to the class participants as well. So informative and practical.  Your concluding remarks about the one set of movements/exercises will help all bodies is mind blowing. Thanks for your time.
Thank you! This was an eye opener!
This was a great workshop and class for me...thank you
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Absolutely loved this!  So much valuable information!  Thank you so much Madeline.  I can feel the difference in myself already!  
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Amazing workshop, Madeline! I always enjoy your thoughtfulness, creativity & clarity. I am rehabbing from an injury that has thrown off my gait patterning so this is invaluable information for me right now. Thank you!
Hey Peggy, restoring your gait pattern will help your recovery. Best wishes!
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Fantastic, thank you so much for sharing this information.  
Wow, that was awesome! Thank you, Madeline. 
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