Reformer with Props
Courtney Miller
Class 3573

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Amazing creativity and choreography. Excellent execution and explanations
Well done and thank you!
love it....great variety...always keeping it fresh!   thank you thank you
Really creative and great cuing, very nice class!
You are so creative! Thanks for a wonderful class.
You are brilliant! Thank you, Courtney :)
Finally, something to do with my bosu that isn't squatting or lunging ❤️ Thank you! Some of those exercises felt torturous, but in a very good way. I also especially liked footwork with the foam roller, it's similar to using an inflatable ball on a jumpboard... yet deliciously different. 

Also, it's nice to see someone doing pikes and planks with negative springs!!
 her class is just amazing.!!!!
This workout is so clever and fun. Thank you ☺️!!!
super functional class! well done!
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