Glute-Focused Mat
Amy Havens
Class 3673

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Thank you so much for this class Amy. It helped me be injury free during my runs this year.
Olivia T this is wonderful! Thank you!  I have a new client, a runner, and we're talking glutes and power. Any specific examples you can give me from taking this class that helped you specifically?  He might really enjoy hearing comments from a fellow runner.  Thank you!
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Love the peach pant instalments. Great glute workout, thanks Amy!
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Ha, so glad you enjoyed that series Rachel , super fun for me too!  And yes, the glut exercises are good ones for sure!
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Thanks Amy, that was amazing :)
So glad you liked it Viktorija D !!
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Mamma mia! What a workout! but wonderful :) Thank you Amy :)
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Amy - this was just what I needed!  I am taking a long car trip tomorrow - my back will be grateful that I did this workout:)
Hello Kay L and Maura R , glad you enjoyed this glute focussed class!!  
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Dear Amy thank you so much for this lovely glut workout - such an urgent need nowadays for all those nailed down to their chairs while teleworking🙄….
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