Beginner Mat 3
Cara Reeser
Class 3822

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Hi Cara! Finally getting some classes in since SIP! ❤️😊
Hi there! I liked all of your classes in this series but found this one a bit frustrating. First off, you are a wonderful instructor, so this is more feedback from someone who is a real Pilates beginner. With this class you jump right into some pretty deep stretches with no warm up which I found surprising. It would have been helpful to have a warmup in this video (even sun salutations) so that we can get the most out of the stretches. Or tell us in the beginning to do a quick warmup before coming to class. BUT overall, great series! 
awesome thank you. enjoying practice with you
@Cara Reeser - thanks for this series. What would you recommend to do next after we get comfortable with these exercises?
I love your classes, I just keep doing them again and again in the hope I'll remember them.
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